We are currently living in a time where you cannot turn on the news without hearing another sad tale of the “credit crunch”. Most of us know of someone, if not ourselves, who has been made redundant or has been asked to work fewer hours. Our high streets are littered with closed down shops and businesses. Our savings have diminished in value and lines of credit have simply dried up.

And we’re all ready to blame someone else for the mess we’re in. We blame the banks, the greedy City traders or the Government.

But according to Marie-Claire Carlyle, author of “How to Become a Money Magnet”, whilst we are pointing the finger at others, we are distracted from looking at ourselves. And whilst we are using our energy to cast blame on others, we have less energy for ourselves.

“If you keep your focus on bad news, you will only ever see bad news. Shift your focus and keep a look out for the good news – the companies who are thriving and adding to their staff, or the people you know who have found what they love to do and have turned it into a successful business, maybe even financed by a redundancy payment. The good news is out there if you decide to see it – I promise you” says Marie-Claire. “When we stop blaming others and choose instead to take responsibility for our own status, then we can start to become a Money Magnet, irrespective of external circumstances.”

So ask yourself; are you taking in all the negativity or have you found a way to stay positive amid the gloom?

Marie-Claire believes that the credit crunch is a “heaven sent” opportunity for us to clear out our clutter and get focused on what we really want to be doing.

“Our negative thoughts are a form of clutter, and clutter gets in the way of our true potential. Clutter, whether it’s in our homes, our bodies, our lives or in our thoughts, clouds us from our purpose and clarity. Remember the lightness you felt when you last cleared some clutter in your home, office or car? If you have ever done a detox programme, you will know how much clearer your thoughts became. Clutter is a distraction.” explains Marie-Claire.

In many ways, the recession that we are currently experiencing is a chance to clear out our clutter and to get back to what is really important.

Don’t blame the “credit crunch” for your current situation, no matter how tempting it may be. The economic climate is too convenient an excuse for you to do nothing. Instead use it as a way to clear out your clutter.

When we blame external circumstances or even other people for our situation, we place ourselves in the role of “victim”. You are not a victim. You are the “Director” of your own life. You have the power to change your world.

The money is already there. The only thing preventing you from being rich is you.

Marie-Claire has devised a quick checklist to discover whether you are a “poor me” or a “lucky me”?

• Is your glass half full or half empty?
• Are you saving for a rainy day or for an unexpected holiday?
• Do you love your job or is it just a way to pay the bills?
• Is your financial situation all the fault of someone else or are you proud of what you have achieved?
• Do you hold regrets or are you happy for the learning experiences?
• Is it all their fault or were you steering your own ship?
• Is it all down to the recession, or to your own personal choices?
• Are you destined to continue as you are or do you see new opportunity around every corner?
• Are you adopting the news of the day or do you have your own vision of the world?
• How do you feel when it’s raining? Pleased for the plants or miserable because you forgot your umbrella?

If you have discovered you are a poor me then its time to flip it around and see the positive side and look for the opportunity. Unless you change your world view the world around you won’t change.

Article by Chantal Cooke taken from an interview on PASSION for the PLANET - www.passionfortheplanet.com

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Chantal Cooke is a journalist and co-founder of PASSION for the PLANET - the UK's leading group of radio stations focusing on your health, your environment and you personal development. Hear inspirational interviews with world experts and great music from around the world. www.passionfortheplanet.com