So, what is it about the "jerk" that creates this powerful, uncontrollable attraction inside of women?

Let me answer first by telling you what it’s not:

It's not the abuse (not usually anyway). I don't believe that women are attracted to that abusive, mean, negative part of the "jerk personality".

I think that jerks just happen to also possess several attractive qualities that are so powerful that that they literally make women blind to the abuse... women will rationalize and excuse the abusive behavior because they are so attracted to these other qualities.

Here's a partial list of what creates that attraction:

- Unpredictable

- Uncontrollable

- Challenging

- Dominant

Of course, there are many more, but this will get us started for this discussion.

The qualities I've listed above, when presented correctly, trigger the natural "attraction mechanism" inside of women.

Jerks have taken natural qualities that are attractive to women a little "too far".

But because they're still there, the qualities trigger the attraction anyway.

So, what does this mean to you?

Well, the most important thing is that it means you can still be a good guy and attract women at the same time.

You're probably going to have to learn how to flirt in a different way, become a little more comfortable being challenging to women, etc. But, in the end, you'll find that this will get you what you want and still allow you to treat women well... all on your own terms.

It also means that instead of being the guy who women talk to about their relationship problems and how their mean jerk boyfriend is being abusive again... you can be the guy who they're dating and sleeping with!


Now, I'd like you to take time to think about what I've said here.

Think about how you can cultivate the four qualities that I've mentioned above into your personality.

See if you can be a little less predictable.

Don't let outside events or women control you.

Be more of a challenge.

Stop being submissive... and get in touch with that side of you that is more dominant (I said "dominant", not "domineering").

This will give you a great head start.

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