I still remember, as if it were today, that beautiful summer evening when Robin came into my studio for a private coaching session, radiating an unusual level of excitement. Her energy was vibrating so high that it could power a nuclear plant. I could feel that from a mile away.

When asked the reason for all that excitement, she replied: “We can’t hide anything from you, right? Well, I put the Mental Alchemy Formula to use and I got it!”

That statement was not surprising to me, I’ve heard that many times before. And, since I suggest my students to “attract” a certain amount, I naturally asked her: “So, have you attracted the $100.00?” To my surprise she said: “No, I’ve attracted $50.000.00!”

WOW! That was my first reaction – “You broke the record sister!” Yeah, she has broken the record. Others have reported attracting anywhere from $500.00 to $20.000.00 in a matter of weeks, or at most a couple of months. Nowadays, I’m not even surprised anymore by these types of testimonials.

However, I also receive reports of people who haven’t attracted a single dime by using my formula, no matter how much they have “tried”, according to their own definition of trying. And, believe it or not, some people even get mad at me, call me names, and say that all I teach is a bunch of crap. Well, I am not even selling this valuable report. I am giving it away! And if one person can produce a result, anybody else should be able to reproduce it, right? After all, I’m not teaching brain surgery nor asking anyone to do the “impossible”. The Mental Alchemy Formula is actually a very simple process that even a 7 years old child can do.

These experiences make me think (a rare ability today). And one of these days, while pondering on that subject, that is, why some people are able to attract it so easily while others sink deeper into disappointment, one common thread in all “poor me” complaints called my attention.

This common thread is the classic question: “why can’t I?”

We have been taught by many teachers that powerful questions invite powerful answers. The opposite is also true; negative questions invite negative answers. And, besides that, by asking “why can’t I?” you’re actually lowering your vibration and sinking deeper into the problem frame of mind.

It seems that every single body out there is enjoying life and having a blast with the Law of Attraction, while you’re living in an endless loop of trials and frustrations, an unending episode of the Twilight Zone, right? WRONG! You are still using the LOA silly! However, you are using what I call the LORA (Law of Reverse Attraction).

Yep! It surely works both ways – you either get that which you want or that which you do NOT want, it all depends on your vibrational levels. AND, while you keep on asking “why can’t I?” you’re focusing on, actually affirming: “I CAN’T”. Is that clear enough?

Probably, as you “try” to use my formula, you remember all your past unsuccessful trials, all your previous frustrations. Maybe you approach this teaching with the fear of being disappointed one more time. You may feel that you’re not as good or as “spiritual” as those who get it. I don’t know your specific drama, but one thing I know; you MUST get rid of this limiting attitude.

“Whether you think you can or can't, you are usually right”. -Henry Ford

And why can’t you? Give me a good reason for that. When I ask this question to my students, they may, at first, come up with a few excuses, but eventually they reach a point where they realize that all these excuses are illusory, especially when it comes to applying the Mental Alchemy Formula. What is keeping you from actually DOING IT?

Get rid of the idea that YOU may have a problem or a blockage; that YOU are unable to use this teaching, that YOU are cursed or whatever.

I tell you what your first “problem” is; it is BELIEVING that you have the problem in the first place. This tip alone will save you thousands of dollars on therapy or expensive live seminars. Your BELIEFS, turned into convictions, filter your reality and create your experience, whether good or bad. And believing that you have a problem keeps you trapped in that ugly reality.

“But, don’t we have to be realistic? I DO have a financial problem...duh.” For most people the concept of being realistic really means to be a pessimist. You can choose to perceive reality in a myriad of different ways; you can perceive yourself as a poor thing that never gets a break in life, or you can (and I strongly advise you to) choose to perceive yourself as someone who is facing a temporary challenge that needs to be resolved. The first choice puts you in the position of a victim, the second puts you in the position of a participator. And when you adopt the second attitude, guess what? You will ask powerful questions. Instead of asking: “Why can’t I?” you will ask: “HOW can I?” That is the beginning of true and lasting change.

So, the bottom line is, the major reason why people do not experience results with the Mental Alchemy Formula, or any self-help teachings for that matter, is because they are focusing on the “I can’t” conviction and asking the wrong question over and over.

As I always say: STOP being a victim and become a participator. You will have much more fun in life.

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Author's Bio: 

Wellington Rodrigues is a NY-based Brazilian Mental Science Teacher. Visit his official website at: www.mentalscience.com