It is probably one of the best times to invest for the long term. Almost every stock is undervalued and has seemed to have stopped going up. So a buy and hold strategy might not be that bad of an idea.

The reasons buying and holding could have the potential to be very profitable are.

1. Low Prices

Stocks are low, at least when you compare them to their “true value”. Studies have proven that getting into stocks that are undervalued typically a wise decision and leads to larger profits. So if you are looking to just buy great companies at a discount this alone should be reason enough to get in now.

2. Stocks Have Been Going up

It seems that stocks have bottomed. That doesn’t mean that they have, anything is possible, we might see lower lows. But all of the major indexes have been trending up in the last couple of month. This means that the worst might be behind us.

On a side note I believe it will take a lot of selling pressure to break the uptrend. Stocks just don’t reverse directions overnight.

3. “The Best Time To Invest Was Yesterday”

If you look at the history of the stock market the best time to start investing for the long term was yesterday. The earlier you get into a stock the more likely you will be in it long enough to make a decent return. The smart money is investing now.

That doesn’t mean that it is a for sure bet. There is always risk when investing, but it seems to me that if I am going to find some stocks to invest in, there is no better time than now.

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