The Divine link between spiritual awakening and psychic development

Ten years ago, while flying with my three young children, the oxygen masks suddenly dropped out of the overhead cabinets. Somehow, inexplicably, the cabin’s air system had malfunctioned. The masks—rubbery, unwelcome, unholy things—dangled before us.

With difficulty, I got the masks on myself and my kids, my infant screaming as I pressed it over her face. In the seats nearby, the other passengers stared from behind their masks, frantic with shock and terror.

From my own mouth emerged a stream of sound—I heard myself crying “Hail Mary,” “Our Father”—those old, unused prayers now issuing from my lips. It was an emergency and I was calling on God.

In the movies, people see their life pass before their eyes. That didn’t happen to me. But what I did understand in that minute was this: I’d had an amazing life. If this was the end, then I was full, brimming, replete with this life that I’d lived. I was overcome with gratitude.

But for my children, small beings who hadn’t even had a chance to live? Or my then-husband, who would lose his entire family in one tragic event? That sadness was unendurable..

I prayed. I told my children I loved them. And then death was there, hovering right outside the cabin windows. I could feel it coming, it was arriving with certainty, it was nearly upon us…and then…

….something changed.

It’s hard to explain; I still don’t understand it.

We were destined to die—and then suddenly, we were not. I had the sense that the plane was held aloft by gigantic hands—God’s hands. We had been saved, the whole plane of us, for a reason I would never know.

The cabin filled with golden, luminous, radiant light.

And in this moment, I knew God.

Time stopped. I became diffuse, particulate with bliss. Love. One. These words are not big enough.

As you might have guess, we lived. The plane landed. Life went back to normal.
Except my life had been transformed.

Emergent abilities after NDE

I wish I could say that at that moment, I became instantly psychic, all my problems were solved, and I wallowed in bliss from that day forward.

But as is the case for many NDErs who’ve have this kind of experience, I went straight to Post Traumatic Stress. For months, I couldn’t drive without panicking; even seeing a plane in the sky would reduce me to hysteria. I had anxiety attacks and could barely go out of the house.

Shortly after the plane accident, things got worse. A family member had an accident. My father died of cancer. My marriage began to dissolve.

The years after that were like climbing out of a long, dark hole: I quit my job, got divorced. I cried and prayed and meditated. And then one day, five years after my NDE, my psychic abilities opened.

No calling card. No fair warning. Boom. Just like that.

NDEs bring spiritual awakening

When a person experiences an NDE, they become they become awakened. They become conscious of the idea that God/Source/Universe/One—exists. The reality of the ineffable becomes clear. At the moment of NDE, denial of the Divine is no longer an option.

Of course, consciousness begets more consciousness. When the Divine is blaring a big alarm clock right in your ear, you tend to get awake very, very fast.

This extends to psychic abilities.

Much of the work I do is based on the concept that psychic development and spiritual awakening are so intertwined, they may as well be one and same thing. In other words, if you travel down the path of psychic development long enough, you’ll become a conscious spiritual being. Conversely, if you travel down the path of spiritual practice long enough, you’ll become a conscious psychic being.

It’s a tandem bike. Two peas in the same pod.

What’s most interesting is that NDEs seem to act as a sort of catalyst to the process.

NDEs are like a gigantic, colossal fireworks display going off inside your head—BOOM! they wake you up spiritually, and then the psychic skills come along for the ride.

Another way to think about it? If you’ve had an NDE, it’s like a door to the Universe swinging wide open. You step through that door, and suddenly you “get” God, you “get” the Divine, you “get” all of it. Wow!

And once you step through that door, you can’t go back to where or who you were before. You’re awake now! You can’t go to sleep again! his particular door swings open only one way. You’re in a whole new paradigm.

Stages of psychic development

For most people in the midst of this Divine opening, psychic development happens in stages. You might initially awaken in one area (for example, clairsentience) and other skills will arrive over time, such clairvoyance, clairaudience and more.

The timing of course, is Divine: it may be instantaneous. Or it may happen over years.

In my own case, I opened first a channel—a person who moves aside to let another entity step forward.

It’s certainly not something I wanted to happen, or tried to make happen or even had thought about before.

It just happened.

It’s a very long story, but the gist is this: in 2008, I unexpectedly received about 120 pages of intensive spiritual teachings called The 33 Lessons from three spirit guides: Constance, Miriam and archangel Gabriel. The teachings began, “the purpose of life is soul growth” and they are beautiful, amazing teachings—similar to A Course in Miracles or what Neale Donald Walsch received in Conversations with God.

During the few months I received these teachings, the rest of my psychic abilities opened. It’s as if a giant light switch had been turned on. My NDE had made me conscious. And slowly, after years of soul growth, I opened fully into the psychic realm.

Raising vibration speeds up psychic development

As I experienced these changes (Hey, I’m a channel? Wait, now I’m clairvoyant! Oops, now I’m remote viewing!) I realized, that the way I spent my time had a huge affect on how clearly I could receive psychically. I began a consistent practice of “raising vibration”, using techniques borrowed from the spiritual practices of ancient mystics: Sufis, Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and many others. I discovered that some of the most effective ways to raise vibration include:

• prayer
• trance
• music, especially trance-inducing
• ecstatic dance
• singing, all kinds
* chanting
• mantra
• nature
• limiting electronica
• limiting busyness
• sleep

I have found that the more people do these practices, the more they allow the Divine to move within them. The Divine moves fast! The more often you do these practices, the better you raise vibration and bring yourself in to a state of bliss, ecstasy, gratitude and Oneness—in this state of Oneness, your psychic abilities are easily awakened.

Direct connection is the key

Today, via my own practice and the Divine messages I continue to receive, I’ve come to some understandings about God, the Universe, energy, and the way psychic development and spiritual awakening are intertwined.

For those who seek psychic awakening, there are only two things to remember:

• Psychic development is not difficult, tricky or available only to a certain few. It’s so simple that anyone can do it. For most NDErs, who’ve already become conscious, it is especially easy.
• Psychic development requires no accoutrements; no crystal balls, no runes or tarot cards. It is, pure and simple, a direct connection to the Divine. When you receive psychically, you receive from the Divine.
• You can achieve psychic development from many paths, but for many people, the most familiar ways are through spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation.
• The advantage of specific psychic training is that you learn what to expect when you are receiving psychically—what things look like, sound like, feel like. Training lets you move easily in this other realm—just like learning to swim lets you move easily in water.
• Opening your psychic abilities is transforming; it is a spiritual awakening. The two are the same, there is no division between them.

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Sara Wiseman is an author, channel and psychic counselor. Her book Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth & Healing (Llewellyn) provides step-by-step instruction for psychic development, and also contains The 33 Lessons, the spiritual teachings she received via channeled writing. She offers private consults. An award-winning singer/songwriter, she has just released her third CD Songs for Living & Dying with her band Martyrs of Sound. Download her e-book on Psychic Skills and her original song “Angels” free at