The top, number one reason individuals do not start a business is fear. As humans we are afraid of the unknown, we are afraid of failing, we are in some cases afraid of success. Fear is a very powerful emotion/feeling that can leave a person paralyzed, unable to move forward and at the same time fear can be an amazing catalyst to move you forward.
It is all about your perspective on fear, so how do you see fear played out in your life?

Let’s take a look at the common explanation of fear:

F= False
E= Evidence
A= Appearing
R= Real

I know we have all heard this before however; it is worth restating as we explore the reasons people do not step out and start their own business. 97% of the time these fears have been created in our own mind, 3% may be valid. Our minds have a way of stopping us from success if we allow it to happen. In our minds we create, especially as women, the worst case scenario filled with “what if’s” and “why bothers”. The key to overcoming fear is to move through it and change our perspective of the outcomes.

Outcomes; we tend to find ourselves creating “our expected outcome” instead of allowing the outcome to happen as a result of our efforts. The amazing part is if we allow the outcomes to happen they are generally more spectacular than anything we could have created or expected.

Attitude; this is the next area related to fear that we can change, if we are willing. If we look at the difference between where we stand today and where we want to be it is all a matter of time & attitude. Why are some people successful and others seem to struggle? Attitude! Let’s take a look at the word attitude, a little number exercise take the word attitude and write the number of the alphabet it is then add them up, what do you get?

A=1 T=20 T=20 I=9 T=20 U=21 D=4 E=5


Let’s just say your attitude will affect your outcome 100%, what is your attitude like?

The number one objective today is to move through your fears, set aside the fear of the unknown and take a chance. The only things you will ever totally fail at are those things you never attempt to accomplish, leaving only the feeling of wish I would have tried. You can do anything you set your mind to do, if you are willing to step out and stay focused!

Author's Bio: 

Robin Hardy is well known for her expertise in guiding men & women into creating tangible actionable results through Media Training, PR Consulting, Creative Development, Marketing and Business Plans. With over 12 years of experience Robin ensures that her clients create a solid sense of direction leading to greater profitability. Her methods empower people to stretch beyond their limitations, re-invent through a solid sense of self-esteem and deepen their levels of confidence for unstoppable success. Robin speaks nationally, teaches on college campuses and coaches individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs. As Development Director & Feminine Leader for The Amazing Woman’s Day Movement she contributes her insights to empowering women entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether it be as an Empowered Options Coach, An Inspirational Speaker, An Author or host of Empowering you Radio, there’s one thing for certain; Robin is dedicated to helping others achieve their wildest dreams.