We read to heal, as we discover that each person we read is like a mirror of ourselves. We use the reading practice to find ways in which we can release old patterns and pain and reconnect with our higher selves.

The clairvoyant reading experience offers the opportunity to find lost fragments of our souls and bring these forgotten pieces into the present. We retrieve an aspect of our spirit, rediscover lost wisdom, or bring into the present an ancient spiritual memory we had forgotten. We reclaim a part of our true nature.

By practicing our tools and techniques, we learn to activate our innate ability of clairvoyance and bust through limits that have prevented us from owning all our psychic abilities --our natural spiritual inheritance. We do not see these abilities as special gifts distributed to a few, but something easily accessible that is part of being human. When we are healing ourselves through reading, we are not looking for problems to solve, but for understanding about how we create our own experiences. And we are also seeking what new things we can learn in order to create the experiences we have enthusiasm for, and manifest what we truly desire in this life.

Exploring the world of spirit with our clairvoyance enables us to perceive energy with more objectivity than experiencing it through clairsentience. Clairsentience is the ability to feel energy, and we sometimes get confused which feelings belong to us, and which feelings or emotional energy belong to someone else. In clairvoyant reading we can access that ability to separate and release that which does not belong to us.

Within our sixth chakra lie the secrets of the neutrality vibration, a frequency of compassionate acceptance for All That Is. When we engage this neutrality vibration and observe our own path, or look at our own experiences we are better able to heal and forgive and grow. When we view the world through this vibration of compassionate acceptance, we are better able to call upon our own wisdom and understand what we see, and know what our next step is.

And last but not least, we read clairvoyantly because it's just so much fun! Learning to explore the universe through clairvoyant reading, whether it's with a client, in a group, or during meditation, is an endless, fascinating adventure.

Author's Bio: 

Francine Marie-Sheppard
Founder and Director
Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness.