Through the Internet has become an essential for these companies and different types of transactions to perform. Data mining is very easy with the help of the internet on the customer site, a potential competitor, pep-spot and makes it more customizable. Data mining techniques that use Internet content, and structure various types of mining are included.

Content mining is the subject that a website video, audio, images and text is more focused on the present. Determined using a process where the server is accessible to users through server logs report focuses on issues. These data help to establish effective and efficient website structure. Structure mining focuses on the nature of the websites involved. It is effective in finding similarities between the different sites.

Also data mining web, using tools and techniques are known as a selective about a specific product in the market can predict potential growth. Data collected has never been so easy to use and a variety of tools to collect the data and that in very simple way. Data mining tools, screen scraping, web harvesting and have become very easy with the help of web crawling and data requirements can be a useful style and format easily. Web from anywhere in the data collection is as easy as saying 1-2-3. Internet data mining tools, the future of business trends that are effective predictors.

Data mining techniques for predictive analysis, can automate extraction of hidden information from large databases to be defined. Data mining software tools integrated with mathematical algorithms and statistical techniques are needed to use. The final product is a simple software package that can be used by non-mathematicians to effectively analyze the data.

Data mining, market research, consumer behavior, direct marketing, bioinformatics, genetics, text analysis, fraud detection, Web site personalization, e-commerce, healthcare, customer relationship management, financial services and telecommunications is used in many applications, such as. Business intelligence data mining, market research, industry research, competitive analysis is used.

Data mining is also known as Knowledge Discovery in Databases, because it involves the search for implicit information in large databases. The main types of data mining software, clustering and segmentation software, software for statistical analysis, text analysis and mining software for information retrieval and visualization software.

Data Mining has arrived on the scene at the moment very appropriate, helping these companies for a number of complex tasks that took centuries to achieve, but the arrival of this wonderful new technology.

Direct marketing, e - commerce, customer relationship management, healthcare, oil and gas industry, scientific testing, genetics, telecommunications, financial services and key sectors such as utilities have applied. Bilateral trade useful information for decision analysis to data mining, scorecarding, data warehouses, text mining, decision support systems, executive information systems, management information systems and uses various techniques, such as geographic information systems.

Business intelligence is a broad area of decision making that data mining is used as a tool. In fact, the use of data mining in the BI application data and makes it relevant. There are different types of data mining: text mining, web mining, social network data mining, relational databases, data mining, and graphics, audio and video data mining, data mining, which are used in all business intelligence applications.

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