Wide fit women’s shoes are increasingly available in the UK, across Europe and North America these days. In the past, if you wanted shoes with extra width, you had to get them custom made which can be undesirable due to waiting period as well as the elevated costs involved. As a niche, wide fitting footwear has steadily been filling up with products from major brand names. After all, not everyone has feet that will adhere to the basic sizes offered by many mainstream shoe brands. Those that have wider feet often know the difficulties when it comes to shopping for shoes. Commonly offered sizes don’t fit quite right which removes a large chunk of variety for you to choose from when the time comes for a new pair of shoes.

Today however, some companies have seen the need for wide fitting shoes and do have a small line up of custom sized footwear for those in need. Having said that, the market is still in dire need of variety when it comes to off-the-shelf custom sizes. With that in mind, let us look at the most commonly requested wide fit footwear in the market.


Flats are the go to pair of shoes when you want something comfortable to wear. Flats often refer to ballerina slippers, or more accurately, ballerina slippers that have been beefed up for outdoor use. This style of shoe is most commonly used for casual settings. They are simple in design, comfortable and largely inexpensive. Some of the brands in the UK that carry wide fitting variants include Gabor, Ann Harvey, Comfort Plus as well as Highfields.


Heels are a perennial favorite and are often some of the best selling style of shoes for women. They are feminine, sexy and often add a few inches in height to the wearer. But they are also damaging to the feet especially as the years pass. It also damages the back, ankles, hips and knees. No pain no gain, they say, as many women are willing to pay the price for a pair of these shoes. UK brands that offer wide fitting variants include Lora Dora, Comfort Plus, Gabor and Touch Ups.


Wedges are the answer to those that want the benefits that come with heels but don’t want to have to deal with sore feet at the end of the day. This is because wedges have a heel that comes into full contact with the surface, unlike traditional heels. The end result is less pressure on the ball of the foot as weight is distributed more efficiently. The downside to this design is the fact that it loses the slim profile commonly associated with heels. Instead, it has the potential to look large and chunky. Some great brands in the UK that offer wide fitting wedges include Clarks, Orchard, Ann Harvey as well as Comfort Plus.

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