Wife Doesn't Like To Be Touched Sexually: What Does It Mean When Your Wife Doesn't Show Affection

I don't mean to do it...really, I don't...but it seems to happen anyway...usually, right after I name nonsense for what it really is. For instance, a man recently said the following to me:

"I adore my wife. She is 100% perfect even if she is not because I LOVE HER! I tell her every day how much she means to me. I let her know exactly how I feel about her. Because I TRULY love her, I don't have any expectation of my wife. When she is acting like a child, I don't see any less of a woman than I did when we first met. It's been several years now and I still feel the exact same way about her. If she argues with me, calls me names, thinks I'm stupid, etc...even though she's the one who is acting like a child, I tend to see past it...never once calling her a single name or blaming it on her. And, I let her know that I don't want to blame her for anything...that I just wish she would calm down and hear my side of the puzzle after letting her know that I do understand where she is coming from (I practice empathy as well as sympathy). The hard part is that even though I treat my wife this way, she doesn't love me back. It would be really nice if just once in a while, my wife would show that she loves me and cares for me."

Even though it happens all the time in my work, I still can't help but be amazed when I encounter a man like this one. On one hand, as I quoted above, he's telling me how much he loves his wife. On the other hand, he's telling me how unhappy and miserable he is because his wife despises him, disrespects him, dishonors him, belittles him, is verbally and emotionally abusive to him, and REFUSES to be intimate with him in any way, shape, or form. Moreover, even though his wife gives him NOTHING, she FULLY EXPECTS him to give her ANYTHING and EVERYTHING she wants plus more.

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Do you recognize the mental and emotional contradiction and denial of truth?

Anyway, after this man told me his story, he asked me this question, "Is there a way I can FIX MY WIFE so that she will stop being the way she is and start loving me back?"

Therein lies the mental block to this man's happiness...he believes it's the case that there's nothing wrong with him...that he's doing everything just right...that there's some problem in his wife...and if someone could just help him understand how to solve that problem...so that he could FIX HIS WIFE, then everything would be just the way HE wants it to be.

So, the first thing I tell a man like this is, "I have to shoot straight with you...you DO NOT love your wife...if you did, you would NOT put up with this kind of nonsense from her. Just as a responsible Dad does not let his children abuse other people, a loving husband does not let his wife abuse other people -- himself included -- either."

The second thing I tell a man like this is, "At this time, there is nothing in your wife to fix. Right now, the only thing that needs fixing is YOU. After you get YOU fixed, THEN, there MIGHT be some things to fix in your wife."

Now, this is when it usually happens...the man becomes quite offended and indignant...and exclaims something like, "You mean to tell me that even though I'm nice and loving to my wife...the reason she doesn't love me back is because it's something wrong with ME? That is absolute $%#$ #$%^#$! That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!!!"

It's the denial of truth issue again...mostly, men like this one REJECT what I tell them...and they just continue looking for a way to FIX THEIR WIFE...and I've followed up with enough of these men in my research efforts to know that their life continues to get more and more miserable and unhappy...and their wife generally starts cheating on them...and she gets caught...but because he "loves" her, he wants to work it all out...but the pain and anguish of knowing that she won't be sexual with him but she will be sexual with other men torments his mind...and still, he just wants to know, "How can I fix my wife?"

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Men like this one view their wife as having a problem...a problem that needs to be solved...and while they are trying to solve their "wife problem" they are BLIND to what CAUSES the problem...themselves.

The ironic thing is, if you were to talk to this man's wife, she'd probably say there's nothing wrong with her and that her husband is the one with the "problem"...and that's why she acts and behaves the way she does.

The "problem" that the husband can't see in himself, his wife can see it quite plainly...and she undeniably, indisputably RESPONDS and REACTS to what she sees in him.

And, the "problem" is that this man's wife sees a man who has no self-respect. She sees a man who has no masculinity. She sees a man who is so unbelievably "needy" of her that he is repulsive. She sees a man who is so weak he won't even stand up for himself -- and therefore he DESERVES to be USED and ABUSED.

All of these things work together in the mind of this man's wife such that she sees him as GROSS...his very touch feels GROSS...and that's why she can't be sexual with him...that's why she doesn't even want to kiss him on the lips.

And all the while, the guy thinks he's being a loving husband.

But, his wife's still a highly sexual being...she still craves sex...regardless of what she tells her husband...and that's why she eventually either cheats on her husband or divorces him and goes to another man.

This is why I tell men like this one that THEY are the one who needs FIXING...THEY are the one who needs to make some shifts in the way they think and operate...and when they make those shifts...when they FIX THEMSELVES, they generally find out that all the "problems" they thought their wife had magically disappear.

I recommend a husband get help making these shifts that work so well.

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Being a husband isn't always easy. Even though you love your wife dearly, problems are bound to pop up every once in a while. It's hard to always know how to handle things effectively so the matter gets resolved and your wife feels validated and loved at the same time. You obviously want to fulfill your wife's emotional needs all the time but you may not know exactly how to do that. It's understandable given how complicated women tend to be.

The most important thing to remember when you want to fulfill your wife's emotional needs is to listen to her. Women love to talk about what they're feeling. For them it's a way to connect on a very deep and meaningful level with their partner. If you're the type of man who would rather do anything than listen to his wife talk about what she's feeling, that's going to cause a problem within your marriage. What your wife wants to share with you matters a great deal to her. Take time to listen and do so intently. Don't allow yourself to become distracted by looking at your cell phone or watching television. When she wants to talk, you must give her your full and undivided attention.

Your wife also needs you to be as honest as you possibly can be about your own feelings. Too often the one thing that comes between a couple in a marriage is the husband's refusal to share his thoughts and emotions. Instead, he'll allow things to pile up inside of him and inevitably he'll get upset and conflict will occur. If you feel that there's something that is bothering you, talk to your wife. She wants to know that you feel close enough to her that you can share anything with her.

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Another way you can ensure that your wife's emotional needs are always met is to treat her the way you did when you two first met. Back then she likely had no reservations about how deeply you loved her. You told her and showed her constantly. Now is the time to make her feel that way again. If you feel honoured to be married to her, tell her that. Surprise her with one red rose once a month. That gesture, although seemingly small, will melt her heart.

Your main goal within your marriage is to make your wife feel cherished and loved. If you can do that, you'll be showing her just how much you mean to her and she'll definitely feel fulfilled and adored. It can actually transform your relationship and make it better than you ever imagined it could be.

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Marital problems and solutions were uppermost in John and Mary's minds. They noticed they were drifting apart.

Mary ran across an article in a magazine that discussed marriage trouble signs. There were a list of ten of those signs, and she was shocked to see that eight of them clearly applied to their marriage.

John and Bob, a friend at work, had just helped another friend, Jim, who recently went through a divorce. John became painfully aware of how difficult going through a divorce really is. He saw that it really was not the easy way out. He also saw the problems that were created for Jim's children in this whole process.

This caused john to reflect on his own marriage. He knew things were disintegrating. How had things reached that point?

John, however, looked at Bob's marriage. Bob seemed to be extremely happy. Observing how Bob worked with Jim, John felt like he could confide in Bob. After a few weeks, he did approach Bob with information about his marital problems. Help is really what John needed.

Bob encouraged John to discuss the problem with Mary. Bob was afraid that doing so would result in a big argument, but finally he did approach her with the subject.. To his relief, Mary talked calmly and expressed her concerns about their marriage too. They agreed that divorce was not really a good option for them. They also agreed that they wanted to make the marriage work. They decided to begin by attacking their biggest marriage problems.

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Bob and his wife, Sandy, invited John and Mary to attend a small-group meeting at their church. John and Mary had not attended church for several years, but they were willing to try anything that would help. Working through marriage problems was really one of their greatest priorities at that point in time.

Through the course of the next few weeks, John and Mary began to work on some basic areas of marriage. Some of those area were so basic, and some were so simple, that they were shocked at the secrets for improving marriage.

Basically, their marital problems and solutions were helped by implementing those six shocking secrets.

Here are those secrets:

1. Improve Communication

2. Improve Intimacy

3. Improve Tolerance

4. improve responsiveness

5. Increase Honesty

6. Increase Respect

One of the most helpful things to them was understanding how their personalities were different and understanding that men and women think differently. When they did that, their communication improved, and they became much more tolerant of each other. Their increased honesty led to improved responsiveness. All of this helped them increase their respect for each other. This was especially important for John as that was one of his greatest needs. All of this contributed to improved intimacy.

If you need help working through marriage problem, get all the information you can. Don't bury your head in the sand. Then apply that information--no matter how basic some of those suggestions may seem.

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It was pure hell the day my wife told me our marriage was over. We had been having problems for years and had tried everything we could think of including marriage counseling. For awhile things would get better, but we always eventually ended up right where we had been before. Still, I wasn't thinking of divorce as a solution. I had pretty much come to the conclusion or hope that things would eventually work themselves out. My wife, however, had other plans!

I wasn't prepared for the bombshell she hit me with when she declared our marriage to be over and asked me to move out of our house. And being totally unprepared for this put me in an emotional wreck of shock, hurt, fear and anger. This emotional state caused me to make a series of mistakes in my desperate attempt to save my marriage. I ended up making things worse despite my best efforts!

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Our marriage was saved even though my wife had initially been wanting to end it. Here is what I learned:

1. It is critical that you put yourself in a resourceful state to avoid the negative emotions that can cause you to make the common mistakes that men make when facing marriage in crisis. Any one of these mistakes can kill your chance to save the marriage. In fact the things you say and do over the next few hours and days will be crucial!

2. Time is not on your side and the longer you wait to take action, the more difficult it will be to save your marriage! Statistics bear this out so I would strongly urge you to take action now.

3. Be prepared to change the dynamics of the relationship by loving your wife enough to let her go and following a specific step by step plan that may seem like the opposite of what you should be doing! It has been said that with every action, there is a reaction. By taking the right kind of action, you will see changes in your wife, changes in your marriage and even changes in yourself.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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