Wife Never Makes The First Move: How Do I Get My Wife To Initiate Sex

Because I'm in the business of helping men create a happier, more sexual marriage relationship, I've had men from all over the world ask me this question, "How do I get my wife to initiate sex?"

Many of these men had lost all hope that their wife would ever take the lead in initiating sex.

But, what they actually found out was that when they learned how to do certain things in a certain way, their wife began initiating sex FREQUENTLY - sometimes even to the point it became difficult for them to keep up with their wife's desire for sex!

Here's just one of the things I revealed to these men that made such a difference in their lives...

As a general rule, sex is more of an emotional encounter with women while it's more of a physical incident with men.

Now, you already knew that but as it applies to you and your wife, really think about what that means...

It means that while YOU'RE WAITING for your wife to initiate sex, while you're waiting for your wife to initiate a physical incident with you, SHE'S WAITING for you to initiate a pleasant, exciting, emotional encounter with HER!

Stated differently, she's waiting on you to do something endearing towards her. She's waiting on you to say something endearing to her. She's waiting on you to behave in an endearing way towards her.

In short, YOUR wife is WAITING ON YOU to initiate what SHE wants so that she can initiate what YOU want.

Do you see that? You and your wife are literally at an IMPASSE. You're in a deadlocked standoff waiting on each other to initiate.

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Fortunately, there are some simple things you can begin to do immediately that will eliminate this stalemate rather quickly... they're not very flashy or fancy... actually they're rather menial... and they are INCREDIBLY POWERFUL ways of busting open the impasse between you and your wife:

- Begin to tell your wife that she's beautiful on a daily basis.

- Begin to notice and acknowledge the things your wife does well.

- Begin to compliment your wife in front of other people.

- Begin to do helpful things around the house without being asked.

- Begin to be more loving and caring towards any children that are in the house.

These are as elementary as it gets... AND THEY WORK!

Here's what else this means...

Bypassing the emotional encounter and going straight to the physical incident means that to a woman, getting into sex is essentially just like getting into another "project" or "task" - not unlike cleaning up the house.

Cleaning the house is something that has to be done. It's something that may be a part of her responsibility. But if the emotional aspect is missing, SHE WON'T ENJOY IT!

In other words, things that are full of positive emotional content are pleasant to a woman. Things that are void of emotional content are unpleasant to a woman.

And so, when you circumvent an emotional encounter with your wife and go straight for a physical incident, YOU WIFE WON'T ENJOY IT.

Women don't initiate what they don't enjoy!

Here's what else this means...

Begin to resolve, absolve, and dissolve conflicts and arguments that stand between you and your wife by first apologizing for your hurtful actions and words towards her. Sure, there may be plenty of things that she owes you an apology for but YOU be the one who takes the high-road and the lead.

Then, put EFFORT into establishing a loving connection emotionally with your wife. And remember, women do NOT resolve conflict by having sex - that's a man's way and NOT a woman's way.

It may make perfect sense to a man to "fix things" by heading off to the bedroom. But to a woman who's angry or hurt, the thought of getting intimate and sexual with someone who has made her angry or hurt her feelings makes the negative emotions she's experiencing vibrate even more negatively.

But, after you've taken the lead and established a positive emotional connection with your wife, THEN she'll be ready to head off to the bedroom.

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"My wife no longer loves me," said the man uncertain about the future of his marriage. In many marriages a man starts to pick up subtle clues from his spouse that suggests that she doesn't love him anymore. In your case maybe your wife is more critical of you or perhaps she spends more and more time at the office, working hard to avoid being near you. Regardless, it's impossible not to notice the strong shift in your relationship. Your wife is pulling away emotionally and you're fearful that it means the end of your marriage is on the horizon. There's absolutely no reason why you can't get your wife to love you again. In fact, if you're determined and focused you can make her love you more now than she ever has before.

It's very easy to assume that your wife has fallen out of love with you when in fact something else is at play. Many women will start to detach themselves emotionally from their spouse when he stops being as loving as he once was. Obviously marriage is a two-way street and both partners have to be willing to invest a great deal of time, energy and emotion into making things work. If you emotionally checked out of the relationship months or years ago, it should be no surprise to you that your wife is now doing the same.

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Do you still tend to your wife's needs the way you did when you two first married? Do you call her up in the middle of the day to tell her how grateful you feel that she married you? Those small gestures can make an enormous difference in any relationship. If your wife feels cherished and adored by you, she'll want you to feel those same things from her.

Beginning right this very moment make your wife your number one priority. Put her above everyone else in your life and ensure she knows that there's nothing you wouldn't do for her. Help her around the house more, listen to her more intently and offer your assistance and shoulder whenever she needs it. Also, start dating your wife again. Invite her out for a nice dinner or arrange child care so you can cook her favorite dish at home. Your new life goal has to be making your wife feel like the center of your universe. If you can do that, she'll realize the true value of your marriage and she'll open herself back up to loving you again.

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So, you want to keep your marriage from being destroyed. You may be wondering, "Is it really possible to fix my marriage" It is possible to fix marriage, but doing so takes work.

At times, I have even wondered if my marriage needed to be fixed, and many onlookers would have said that I had a great marriage during those times. When mistakes sneak into our marriages, they can be very destructive if they are not dealt with. If you are wondering, "Is it even possible to fix my marriage?" take heart. There is hope.

I discovered a secret. I passed it along to friends, and it helped our marriages.

That secret is this: Little things are important.

One wise man said that it is the little foxes that destroy the vine!

To keep your marriage, avoid these six sneaky marital mistakes:

1) Failing to make each other a top priority.

Husbands (and wives too) can easily fall into the mistake of making their jobs their top priority. Your spouse should feel that he or she is greatest thing in your life. While you should give each other space, your spouse should also feel that you would rather be with him or her than anyone else on earth. Your efforts at life should be poured into your marriage with the same enthusiasm as they are when directed at other areas. If you want to fix a marriage, this is the number one thing to watch out for.

2) Failing to realize that you have to maintain your marriage.

Even the most expensive automobile needs maintenance. I have friends who are now divorced. What happened? They were not mad at each other. When they realized they had marriage trouble, they met with a counselor. The counselor who talked to them said that their situation was very unusual in that they did not have any animosity toward each other. The husband simply said they drifted apart. Periodically ask yourself the question, "Do I need to repair my marriage?"

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3) Letting negative behaviors become more and more prominent in your marriage.

You should make an effort to focus on the positive. There certainly will be days when one or the other will not be at his or her best, but you should focus mainly on the positive aspects of your marriage. Many marriage troubles can be avoided by focusing on the positive.

4) Refusing to get professional help if you need it.

This is not necessary in every marriage, but letting pride stand in your way when you have gotten into a serious situation will not help you. Repairing marriage needs to be attempted before things get out of hand. Many couples seek professional help when one or the other has filed for a divorce. That is often too late.

5) Denying that you can learn new things that will help your marriage.

Who goes to marriage seminars? Who reads books on marriage? There are two groups: those who are desperate with marriages that are falling apart, and those who have great marriages.

Why do those who have great marriages attend seminars, listen intently anytime someone speaks on the subject of marriage, and read books on how to improve marriage. It is not that they feel they need to fix a marriage. It is that they know they can always improve their marriages.

6) Allowing yourself to be placed in tempting situations.

One thing is certain-even if you don't think you will be tempted by someone else, if you never allow yourself to be placed in a position where something could happen, nothing ever will happen. Some men have found great value in working very hard at never (or at least not if it could be helped) being alone with a member of the opposite sex.

Please be warned: If you allow these mistakes to enter your marriage unchecked, you are in a dangerous situation. Any of them could take you to the brink of destruction!

Don't let these six things sneak into your marriage.

You have seen a warning about avoiding six sneaky mistakes that can creep into your marriage. But, wait, we don't even know how strong (or desperate) your situation is.

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Many couples wonder what the secret to long and happy marriage may be. The divorce rate in the United States is incredibly high and many marriages fail quickly. However, there are those who stay happily married for years with no end and sight. Most successful and happy married couples will tell you that these ten tips help them keep their relationship strong.

1. Set aside plenty of time as a couple. All too often couples forget to devote time to share together, especially with the addition of children or career growth. Make sure to make one on one time a priority.

2. Marriage isn't always perfect. Expect there to be times when your relationship isn't exactly how you expected it to be. This is a natural and normal part of every marriage.

3. Try not to end your day angry. Never go to sleep upset, try to resolve issues or let them go.

4. Fight fair and respectively. Arguments will happen, try to agree to disagree. Resist the urge to bring up past issues in the heat of an argument.

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5. Don't sweat the small stuff! Before arguing about an issue ask yourself if it is really worth the fight. If it is a minor issue, let it go because it probably is not worth the argument!

6. Enjoy your spouse. Try to find activities that you share interest in and do them together. Care about your spouse's views and opinions.

7. If you must say something negative about your mate remind yourself of three positive things about them as well.

8. You will constantly be learning about your spouse throughout your marriage. Except to change with each other as well.

9. Give your marriage the effort and attention it deserves.

10. Tell your spouse how much you love them on a regular basis and never give up on romance.

What the secret to long and happy marriage may be different to each and every couple, but these tips surely make a difference for most! You and your spouse have the potential for a long, healthy relationship. Don't give up on your relationship instead take the steps to make it stronger than ever. Divorce will not be necessary if you remember these important tips!

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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