Wife Won't Sleep With Me: What To Do When Your Wife Won't Sleep With You

EVERYBODY is turned off by the notion of somebody using them. NOBODY wants to be manipulated by someone else who's trying to benefit themselves but not you.

Given this, I want to give you a counter-example that just might help a whole lot of men in their marriage and sex-life.

Imagine that you just recently married...imagine that you're a reasonable, practical, logical sort of fellow...imagine that you've got one more year in college...imagine that money is in VERY short supply...imagine that the two of you both work evening jobs...imagine that the two of you are living in a not-so-pleasant apartment complex, a place where plenty of society's dark side resides...and your new wife is obsessed about getting pregnant and having a baby...so much so that every time you turn around, she's trying to get you to "get her pregnant"...every time there's a lull in work activity, she's pestering you to have sex with her...and when you do have sex, she's not the least bit interested in whether she feels any pleasure, she just wants you to hurry up and ejaculate...and after you ejaculate, she wants you to help prop pillows up under her backside so it's easier for the "sperm" to swim to their destination.

Now, really imagine yourself being in this situation...and as you imagine it...

Notice how you don't feel like you can trust your wife - how your gut tells you her motives aren't 100% honest.

Notice how she thinks only of what she wants and is oblivious to the life-long impact it will have on you.

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Notice how one-sided things feel.

Notice how your wife gives no indication that she really cares about you, your interests, or your desires.

Notice how you'd really like to have sex - notice how your wife really could be such an attractive lady - EXCEPT this obsessive, selfish drive of hers to get pregnant at a most inopportune time is killing your desire towards her.

Notice how she's engaging you - not because she cares about your needs - but because she wants something from you.

Notice how she gives no consideration for timing or appropriateness - she just wants what she wants without regard to what works for you.

Notice how she hasn't bothered asking you what you might want - she's too concerned with what she wants.

Notice how irritating it is that your wife is constantly hounding you to have sex with her so she can get pregnant - and how her constant nagging on this point is like the biggest turn-off in the world.

Notice how the whole ordeal is such a huge turn-off to you and the automatic resistance to having sex with your wife.

Can you feel the feelings I'm describing?

Can you hear her nerve-grating nagging to get pregnant?

Can you look at her and see how repulsive her selfish neediness is to you?

If you can, then you have a good take on what most women feel, hear, and see in relation to their husband and his incessant desire for sex.

It's not that she doesn't want sex too. She absolutely does.

She just doesn't want it in the way he's trying to engage her in it.

So, if your wife doesn't want to have sex, try engaging her in a way that values her as a person. Try engaging her in a way that shows consideration for her wants and needs. In doing so, BOTH of you can "score".

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If you have recently thought "My wife doesn't like me anymore." I really feel bad for you. If you and you wife aren't getting along that basically means that the family life is less than happy and that can cause stress all around. You shouldn't assume that your wife hates you by the way, but you may be right about the stressors that have been placed on the relationship and the need for assistance.

You may be wondering to yourself why my wife hates me. If it is true that she despises you there could be many different reasons as to why this is the case, and there just simply isn't enough space to list all these reasons. The bright side is even if you are upset about your wife's feelings of hatred towards you (or in some cases maybe not), you have the power to change the situation immensely. It's totally up to you.

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You may be asking yourself if your wife really hates you. Honestly, even if she said these words they were probably said out of frustration. Don't put too much weight on something she said out of passion and anger.

If you really think that your wife dislikes you then you need to go to her directly and have a discussion about the state of your marriage. This will not be an easy thing to do. Even if your wife has already walked out on you, this is even more of a reason to talk. The key is not to seem as if you are running after her because this will only make her want to ignore you. Keep your cool and arrange a time when the two of you can get together and speak about everything that is going on. Forget about the fact that your wife hates you. She's still your wife and when you are married you have to talk about your problems no matter what.

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You want to learn how to keep your wife happy. Good for you! It takes a big man to realize that his marriage may need a little polishing. You have to admit, like most married men, that when your wife is happy, your marriage is at its best. When your wife starts to feel some discontent and it becomes painfully obvious that she's not getting what she need s from you anymore, it's time to get to work. You can do some very simple things that will have a large impact on your relationship. The best part is that you can start on them today.

Understanding how to keep your wife happy centers on recognizing her needs. One thing that your wife needs from you is your attention. This has to come in the form of both listening to her and spending time with her. When she's talking to you, don't zone her out. Even if you've heard what she's telling you countless times before, don't nod your head in agreement while her words go in one ear and out the other. Really listen and absorb what she's telling you. She needs to know that she can talk to you about anything and you'll be attentive and interested.

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By the same token you have to be willing, able and ready to spend focused time with your wife each day. She needs to know that you want to put her before everything else. At the end of the day spend some time talking with her or even watching television together. If one of you goes to bed before the other, try and wake up at the same time, so the one-on-one time can occur in the morning. You have to ensure there's time each day for the two of you to connect and spend a few quiet moments just being together.

As you already know women love romance. There isn't a wife anywhere who doesn't appreciate when her husband takes the time to do something utterly romantic for her. It may be stopping on the way home to pick up some fresh flowers just because you love her or buying a novel that you know she's been wanting to read. If you're creative consider writing her a poem or even writing something romantic on a slip of paper and putting it in her handbag. Small gestures like this can have a huge impact on your wife's happiness and the strength of your marriage.

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With the divorce rate being so high, most marriages will rich a critical fork in the road where the couple either weathers the storm or splits up. If you find yourself in a situation like this now and feel your marriages is in serious trouble, you can take action now and prevent a divorce. This article is intended to provide some very important guidelines as well as point you to a powerful resource where you can find more information.

If you are reading this, you or someone you know is in a bad marriage so I'll just get right to the point: Too many marriages are failing because people are making critical mistakes at critical times and marriage counseling as it is traditionally practiced has failed most married couples! In fact, the secrets to saving a failed marriage would probably seem like the complete opposite of what you might expect, and certainly aren't part of what we are being told by counselors.

The problem with marriage counseling as it exists today are that most of these fine and well-meaning people who call themselves "marriage counselors" are trained in individual therapy or even couples therapy but not "marriage therapy." They tend to treat the individuals rather than the marriage, so they are working from a faulty model. Treating the marriage as completely separate from the spouses as individuals has been proven to be far more effective in saving marriages.

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After nearly losing my wife to divorce a few years ago, I discovered an approach that would change everything for us. Here are three important guidelines you should know:

1. You have to put yourself in a resourceful state or you'll get caught up in the negative emotions that will cause you to make critical mistakes. These negative emotions I am talking about would be things like anger, fear, jealousy, depression and desperation. They dominate your actions and cause you to do things that you might not normally do.

2. You must dedicate yourself 100% to saving the marriage REGARDLESS of what your spouse is doing. You will take the lead on this because if you don't then who will? This is even more critical if you are the only one trying to save the marriage. Time is not on your side either, and the sooner you take action, the better your odds of saving your marriage.

3. And finally, with every action there is a reaction! By saying and doing very specific things, you will cause a specific reaction in your spouse, regardless of whether he or she is doing anything. You can follow a step by step action plan that will cause changes in your spouse, changes in your marriage and even changes in yourself!

The goal should be more than just saving your marriage. The goal should be creating a marriage that is better than anything you thought possible. But it IS possible, if you stay calm, focused and do what it takes.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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