The world became smaller. Countries distant form each other by two thousand kilometers are achievable by two hours journey now, and the food you can eat in a Japanese restaurant is almost the same as in the origin country. Yes, the world became smaller. At least smaller than before. We are living in a big global village and traveling was never such easy as today.

From many destinations, Canada is one of the most popular country to travel. And maybe you already guess, for travel to Canada you need a visa. Of course, there are different types of visas. Some of them will ensure a permanent stay, and some of them not. But if you want to travel, and your destination is Canada, you can easily apply for eTA Canada . This electronic visa is Electronic Travel Authorization, which allows you to enter the country without spending hours at the embassy. At the same time, e- visa is obligatory when you plan to go to Canada for touristic purposes and you want to get there by plane or by land. What’s more – e-visa is very easy to get.

One of the fun facts about Canada is some nice tradition; since II War, the Dutch have a habit to send thousands of tulips bulbs to the Canadian governments, as the thank for sheltering a Dutch princess, Julianne, during the war. In this hard time, in a Canadian hospital, the princess born a daughter, and for providing her security, she sends to the Canadian government 20000 tulips bulbs. For commemorated that historical event, every year in Ottawa the Tulip Festival takes place.

It seems like Canadians prefer to be optimists. For example, the mandate is not always the reason for being sad. In fact, sometimes it is a cause of being… happy, cause Canadian police can give a mandate for a good drive as well!
Referring to cars… in Churchill, the drivers know that they don’t need to be afraid of people – instead of polar bears. So they used to leave the car door open, that everyone could hide from the polar bears. In fact, bears are serious problems in Canada – there are even special prisons for the most aggressive animals, where they are staying without food. This is to discourage the naughty bears from contacting people.

If you want to relax a little bit after meeting with the bear, in Canada you can do it by walking. And this walk could be very, very long. And it’s special – cause Canada has the longest street in the world. It has 1856 kilometers and connects with each other Ontario and Simcoe Lake.
In Canada there is also the smallest prison in the world. On a small island Sark, there is situated small, lovely building, that can only accommodate 2 prisoners.
What’s more? Canada has also one of the wildest territories in the world – Yukon. There is a subarctic climate there, and, considering the quantity, there are 5 moose for one person in this wild area!

Also, Canada is a great country to live in. It has the most liberal right, and refugees are welcome there. Also, all the minorities have the same rights and violence or discrimination are punishable by law.
Now Canada has one more reason to be proud of – prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose Canada as their place to live. What can Canada offer to the royal couple and their son? First of all, privacy. Of course, the press is interested in life of the famous family, but as everyone knows, there is a different media culture in Canada.
And even if it wouldn’t so, there is enough space and wild nature in Canada to hide from the whole world.

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Dawid, traveler, and journalist