To treat an infection, antibiotics are often prescribed. However, when it comes to an aching tooth, it is best to avoid popping these pills unless it is necessary. If for some reason your dentist in Colorado Springs is unavailable and your pain is unbearable, it is still recommended to get the nod of an expert before you begin any kind of medication.

Understanding the Root Cause of The Pain

If your dentist is available, it's best to visit them and discuss your symptoms with them. Tell them how you are feeling and let them carefully examine the tooth in question. If they notice that there is an infection present, they will prescribe medication to treat the infection so that they can get to the root cause of the toothache. In normal circumstances, such pain arises before a root canal procedure and if there is too much inflammation or an infection is present it may be difficult for the Colorado Springs Dentist to perform the procedure. Only in such situations will they prescribe antibiotics.

Never Self-Medicate

It's important to understand that while a painkiller may relieve pain, it's not recommended to take one until necessary. It's better to take medication that can help treat the problem rather than suppress it and these are the kinds of medication that only an expert can prescribe  after an inspection. The reason it is best to let an expert decide what kind of antibiotic you should use is that only they understand the side effects of each medication.

Many people tend to repeat the medication that was prescribed to them during their last visit. This is not a great idea because at the end of the day every problem is unique. The cause of your toothache the last time around may not necessarily be the same today. If your tooth is bugging you, visit your dentist for the best solution.

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