We should all know that the fallopian tube is the channel connecting the female uterus and ovary, and it is also the place for sperm-egg combination. Once there is a problem, it will directly affect women's pregnancy.

So will blocked fallopian tubes lead to ectopic pregnancy? Now let's get to know each other.

The fallopian tube blockage is mainly caused by ascending infection of gynecological inflammation. The reasons are as follows:

First, this inflammation, such as fungal vaginitis, trichomonal vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, and pelvic peritonitis, will directly affect the fallopian tube, resulting in adhesion around the fallopian tube or the lumen of the fallopian tube. Inflammatory secretions increase and migrate unhealthily, forming chronic inflammation, resulting in stenosis and blockage of the lumen.

Second, abortion curettage and delivery curettage may cause postoperative infection and fallopian tube blockage.

Third, endometriosis, chocolate cyst, and the ovarian cyst will also cause tubal adhesion and oppression of the fallopian tube, which will affect the peristalsis of the fallopian tube and lead to the blockage.

Fourth, improper long-term use of contraceptives. Because contraceptives can also inhibit the peristalsis of fallopian tubes, long-term use of contraceptives can cause the phenomenon of fallopian tube blockage.

Fifth, congenital dysplasia of the fallopian tube leads to fallopian tube obstruction.

Will blocked fallopian tubes lead to ectopic pregnancy?

A Female with fallopian tube blockage may have an ectopic pregnancy. Complete blockage of the fallopian tube may also cause women to be unable to conceive or challenging to conceive. Ectopic pregnancy is more common in salpingocyesis. The cause of tubal pregnancy is an acute or chronic inflammation of the fallopian tube. This inflammation will cause a tubal blockage, which will block the implantation of fertilized eggs into the uterine cavity, so the implantation is in the fallopian tube, forming ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, women with blocked fallopian tubes should be treated once they check it out. They should not be pregnant for the time being. They can consider pregnancy after the fallopian tubes are completely unobstructed. It is normal to avoid ectopic pregnancy and intrauterine pregnancy as much as possible.

Although tubal blockage may cause ectopic pregnancy, not all patients will have this situation. Therefore, patients should not blindly guess, which will affect their mentality and affect the treatment of the disease.

The symptoms of tubal blockage are very complex. In addition to causing ectopic pregnancy, it will also cause abdominal pain and increased leucorrhea in women, and it is one of the main reasons for female infertility. Therefore, once the disease is found, patients should seek the help of doctors as soon as possible and carry out the treatment in time to minimize the impact of the disease on the body.

After finding fallopian tube blockage, patients can take the Fuyan Pill for treatment under normal circumstances since it can dredge the fallopian tube and improve the probability of natural pregnancy. At the same time, women should also pay attention to daily nursing and develop good hygiene habits.

How should women prevent fallopian tube blockage at ordinary times?

First, take timely and thorough treatment of diseases. The causes of fallopian tube blockage are closely related to various gynecological diseases, especially gynecological inflammation, vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, cervicitis, etc. This gynecological inflammation should be thoroughly and formally controlled in the acute stage. If it becomes chronic gynecological inflammation, it will cause certain damage to the fallopian tube. It is easy to block after the fallopian tube has inflammation.

Second, strengthen health. Women should pay attention to washing their vulva with warm boiled water every night in daily life. However, they should avoid some washing products containing chemical components. To prevent cross-infection, washing utensils, such as washbasin and towels, shall be used by special personnel and shall not be shared with others.

Third, pay attention to sexual health. If a woman's sexual life is not controlled, it is also easy to lead to tubal blockage. In particular, having multiple sexual partners or high-risk sexual behavior may lead to cross-infection, resulting in tubal blockage.

Fourth, keep away from uterine cavity surgery. If the disinfection of surgical instruments used during uterine surgery is not done well, it may cause infection. Therefore, people must also note that professional and formal medical institutions accept surgery to ensure that the surgical instruments are strictly disinfected. In addition, women should do a good job in contraception and reduce the occurrence of abortion, which has an excellent preventive effect on the formation of fallopian tube blockage.

Tubal blockage can lead to ectopic pregnancy or infertility. Normal pregnancy requires the fallopian tube to be unobstructed. Sperm and eggs meet and fertilize in the fallopian tube and then enter the uterine cavity for implantation.

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