At the query regarding if everyone will eventually get Omicron, who is the technical led says that Omicron is less severe than Delta but can still cause a full spectrum of illness.

With Omicron overtaking existing Coronavirus variants such as Alpha, Beta and Delta which turned off throughout the world at high speed, the technical tin of the World Health Organization has urged to remain cautious because the variants are shared efficiently between people '.

Replying to a request for a program, the technical lead Maria van Kerkhove said that Omicron was less severe than Delta but could still cause a full spectrum of disease as seen in the previous strain.

"Omicron-infected people have a full spectrum of illness, all of the asymptomatic infections along the way through severe illness and death," he replied to the question of why people still ended up in the hospital or died.

"People with fundamental conditions, people with old age, people who are not vaccinated can have severe Covid-19 forms after an infection from Omicron," said Kerkhove.

At the query regarding if everyone will eventually get Omicron, said Lead WHO Tech, "Omicron overtakes delta in terms of circulation, and it is transmitted efficiently between people."

Kerkhove notes that even though the cases are high throughout the world, it still does not mean that everyone will get Omicron.

The previous UN health agencysaid that preliminary evidence showed that vaccines available against Covid-19 may be less effective against omicron transmission, which also carries higher infected risks.

"As a result, the overall risk related to the new variant of Omicron's concern remained very high," he earlier this month.

Chief Head of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also confirmed that the pandemic was far from above.

"This pandemic is not far from there," he told reporters from agency headquarters in Geneva in response to people ignoring Omicron as a mild infection.

At present, the United States is at the top of the chart for the Coronavirus case, followed by India in second place.

However, US President Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci's medical advisor has stated optimism that the surge of Omicron will immediately peak, even though the decline will not be uniform throughout the US.

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