Love is one of the immense feeling and even every person wants that the person whom they love always be with him/her. Because thinking our life without the love of that person whom we genuinely and so truly love is too painful. And if in such case you have to get separated from that person due to any of the reason. Then this pain cannot heal and even hurts so badly. But do you know if you have to get separated from your lover. Then the main reason behind which all these things can happen is planetary position in your kundli. And if you want to get lost love back by vashikaran mantra. Then in such case our vashikaran specialist in India can really proves to be the best option for you.

Which planet is responsible for getting you love back in your life?

Venus is that planet which is responsible for bringing the love and beauty into the relationships. And if in case you have to face the lost love issues in your life. Then the main reason behind it is weak position of the planet Venus. And it can happen when the Venus gets combined with the malefic planets like sun, Saturn, mars, rahu and ketu. And get their positions placed into the 7th house. It is the weak house. And if Venus gets affected from these planets then all these combinations together can make the energy of the Venus weak. And in turn responsible for the love issues in your life.

How to make the position of the Venus strong to get love back in life?

If you want to get your love back in your life then for this you have to make the position of the Venus strong. So that you can be able to resolve all the love relationship issues from your life permanently by getting him back in your life. Thus, the ways that you have to follow are mention here as in the following manner:

Ø The first and foremost thing that you have to do is clean the south east corner of your house clean.
Ø And also start worshipping the lord Shiva if you want that your love can come back to you.
Ø You have to go to shiv temple every day.
Ø Do the shiv aradhana by chantuing the shiv mantra.
Ø The mantra is:
Ø || Om namohshivaya ||
Ø And also start keeping fast for 16 consecutive Mondays.
Ø And when you will keep the fast you have to do jalabhishek of the shivling.
Ø But make sure that if you are a girl and face lost love issues only then you can perform this shiv puja.
Ø But if you are a boy and wants to get your love back in your life.
Ø Then you have to bath everyday by pouting a pinch of turmeric powder into your bathing water.
Ø And then apply the chandantilak on your forehead.

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