Will He Regret Breaking Up With Me: Will My Ex Boyfriend Regret Leaving Me

"Will he regret breaking up with me?" That's one of those common questions women ask one another after being dumped. Nothing stings quite like the rejection you feel when the man you love tells you he doesn't want to be with you anymore. Try as you might, moving on without him may feel impossible. Although everyone and your own common sense is telling you to forget about him, you don't have to travel down that path. If you want to make him regret dumping you and you want to hear him telling you that he can't live without you, there are ways to make that happen.

The most important thing to remember if you want to make him regret breaking up with you is to focus on yourself after the split. Your thoughts are naturally going to be consumed by him and what went wrong but if you spend all your time wishing things were different, you're missing an important opportunity. Your boyfriend loved you once and you know, better than anyone, what qualities in you he found irresistible. You need to concentrate on bringing those qualities back to the surface now. Spend the first few days and weeks after the break up improving who you are. Your goal with this is to transform yourself into someone that he'll find completely irresistible.

You've also got to show him that you're fine without him. One thing that drives men wild is a woman who is hard to get. If you continue to contact your ex boyfriend after the break up, he's going to see you as being someone who is too accessible or to attainable. This is the exact reason why many men end relationships. They simply don't feel the thrill of the chase anymore so they decide to move on to someone else. Don't chase your ex after he dumps you. Put on a brave face and tell him that you were considering ending things too. Then don't talk to him. You may think this will result in him moving on without you, but it actually won't. Suddenly he'll feel the pain of rejection and he'll be the one who wants you back. Stay strong and focus on not begging him to take you back. That will ensure he does indeed come back to you.

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I'm guessing you are angry, hurt, confused, or all of the above. Your Ex Boyfriend split, and left you to pick up all the pieces. You might want to sit in your room and cry all day. Or maybe you are in the angry stage, and you want to go dump a drink on his head and slash his tires.

Take a deep breath. I'm going to tell you a healthy revenge tool. It is has been used by thousands of women to get under the skin of someone who rejected them. Here is what they did. They took all that emotional energy from the breakup, and used it to transform themselves into a New Woman.

Now, it might be difficult to find that ambition right now. There might be some roadblocks ahead. When women go through a terribly rough breakup, we naturally want comforting. Unfortunately, we may be used to going into our (ex) man's arms for that comfort, and now that is clearly not an option. Plus, he's the one that caused the discomfort in the first place!

Please seek out comfort amongst your good friends and confidants. They will be very important to you during this time. But be careful. It is also easy to seek comfort in unhealthy activities like getting plastered or eating way too much food or neglecting our fitness routines. None of these things will help you in the long run.

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Be a Woman who found their best revenge! Take these negative and confusing emotions and energy imbalances you have, and turn it into something that will not only make your Ex look twice (with regret ), but more importantly, empower You.

You can kill two birds with one stone. You can inflict "dumper's remorse" on your Ex, in a healthy way, and also make yourself hot! This is something you will be doing for yourself, your health, and most likely your new "hottie" waiting for you on the horizon.

Get a new hairstyle, go clothes shopping, get a makeover. All of these things are very fun to do. But to really have a true change from within to make you Extra Hot, you need to embark on a healthy eating and exercise plan. You can change your body from the inside out. And then if you combine your health plan with new clothes, hair, makeup, etc, the sky is the limit as to how hot you can truly become!

This may sound artificial, but it is your time now. Go for it. I want you to fee good inside, and eating healthy and exercising will give you long-term comfort that temporary comforts can never give you. It will also be a magnificent move to make your Ex turn his head. And of course, you will pretend not to notice him!

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Relationships can be some of the greatest things out there - until they fall apart, anyway. When relationships fail, women are usually the ones who get emotional and take things pretty hard. If this sounds anything like you and you want to learn more about getting your ex boyfriend back, then read on.

Do not beg for his attention.

If getting your ex boyfriend back through text is your main goal at the moment, then your best bet would be to stay subtle about it. Ideally, you shouldn't text him too much or be too clingy or mushy through text. Not only could this backfire, but your ex might start seeing you as a sad and desperate creature, as well - and you definitely wouldn't want that to happen, right?

Do not text him too much.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, getting your ex boyfriend back through text doesn't necessarily mean that you have to bombard him with text messages 24/7. Having said that, it would be best to keep your texts to a minimum, so that you won't look too eager for his attention. If you have to text him, only do so once and then wait for him to reply. Whether he does or not, do not text him again - at least not on the same day.

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Enjoy your time alone.

Single girls have the most fun - believe it. Since you don't need to worry about anybody but yourself for now, you can get your hair done, focus on your favorite things and read those books that you never had time to read before, for example. You can also start thinking about whether you really want to get your ex back or not. Did you have a healthy relationship? What were the pros and cons to it? Once you have thought these things through, you can then decide whether getting your ex boyfriend back through text would actually be worth your time and effort in the end.

Of course, things might be a little different if your ex already has a new girl on his arm. It may be true that getting your ex boyfriend back would still be possible, even if he is in a new relationship, but you also have to accept that it might not be. Again: think about how much time and effort your ex is actually worth first before doing anything about the situation.

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You are absolutely delusional if you think that it is imperative that you make contact with your ex to fix things. Please understand that every time you call your ex you are pushing him that one step further away from you. Each text message that your ex receives from you makes your ex even angrier with you. Those constant emails that keep popping up in your ex's emails are driving him crazy. This will NOT make your ex boyfriend come back to you.

Apart from your constant calls calling untold damage to your already fragile situation, it is also causing a lot of damage to you as well. You are depressed and miserable and determined to speak to your ex. Every time you make a call to him and the phone gets thrown down in your ear, you become even more depressed.

When you don't get a response to your messages or emails, you become even more miserable than you already are. You should have got the idea by now that you will not make your ex boyfriend come back to you this way. In fact, there is a very good chance that your ex takes legal steps against you to stop your harassment!

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Even though you have made a complete pest and idiot of yourself, there is still a remote chance that you can make your ex boyfriend come back to you. STOP trying to make contact with him. Leave him entirely alone for as long as he wants you to leave him alone.

Carry on with your own life - get back to the person you were before you started dating and you might be able to make your ex boyfriend come back to you. Have fun on your own - you're single again and can do whatever you please.

Don't hassle your ex again. Stick to your own life, with your own friends, and do your own thing. Somewhere in the future you and your ex will bump into each other. If and when this happens, don't become emotional - simply greet your ex in a friendly manner.

Start all over again. First become friends again, show your ex that you are a mature, confident person, and, if you and your ex were meant to be together, then you will be able to make your ex boyfriend come back to you.

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