Hormones are the most essential part of your body. The proper functioning of the entire body organs depends upon the secretion and proper synthesis of these hormones. Each hormone generated in the body has its particular function to perform. Thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH is known to help the proper stimulation of the thyroid glands by secreting thyroxin and tridothyronine hormones. TSH is secreted in the pituitary glands.

Furthermore the pituitary glands are divided into two lobes i.e. anterior pituitary glands and the posterior pituitary glands.

Both the TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) and HGH (Human growth hormone) are secreted in the anterior pituitary glands. HGH as you know is a poly peptide hormone whose function is to see to the proper functioning of the growth cells i.e. it takes care of the reproduction as well as the regeneration of the growth cells. Growth cells are known as the building block of the body’s tissues and indirectly help in the development of the different tissues of the body. HGH is also secretes two other proteins elastin and collagen which are known to help bind the body cells together.

The healthy production of HGH in the body can be seen in a healthy muscle body mass, retention of calcium level in the body, superior texture and tone of the skin and the regulation of the cholesterol level in the body. The secretion of HGH is at its peak during the adolescent period and gradually decreases. This growth hormone is also responsible for the proper functioning of the other organs like the reproductive organs etc it is also known as the youth hormone as this hormone is associated with the maintaining the youthful look and the vitality of the body. Decline in this hormone leads to ageing.

To solve the problem of ageing the only way is to restore the level of this hormone in the body. You can always boost the level of the HGH in the body as there are lot of supplements available in the market which can help you overcome the HGH deficiency.

HGH supplements are far better than those anti-aging supplements that are available in the market as they work on solving the problem of restoring the proper functioning of the pituitary glands. Thus by restoring the deficiency of the HGH in the body the body gets back its original energy level to prevent ageing and problems related to ageing.
The success rate of HGH supplements is more compared to other cosmetic treatments as these treatments are only to tighten the skin which does not give you a long lasting promising effects while on the other hand HGH supplements remove the deficiency caused due to the low production of this hormone in the body naturally.

While the HGH supplements work from within the body these cosmetic treatments work only on the external features of the body. Thus HGH supplements are a far better choice than the costly cosmetic treatments.

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