Has your boyfriend broken up with you, because this can be a rough time and you're probably hurting? But it is important to know what caused your boyfriend break up.

First things first, while you're probably trying to work out where you are in life, don't fully blame yourself. Because the truth is your boyfriend break up was also due to issues he had as well. You know how it goes "it's not you it's me."

If you want to try and get your ex back, you will need to know the following things. Don't pester or text him multiple times a day, also DON'T become a stalker. Its fine to flirt with other guy's in his presence, it may even persuade him to want you back.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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When you do get together for a "trial date" be happy, enthusiastic and friendly, but don't pressure him about getting back together as this may push him away. If you have a gut feeling that your relationship with him is definitely over, you seriously need to move on.

Writing a letter to him after a boyfriend break up telling him everything that's in your heart, is one of the first things you should do. Tell him he's a jerk and remind him of the good and bad times, but don't mail it, instead burn it, this will help you get closure after a boyfriend break up.

The next thing you should do is rid yourself of things that remind you of him, things like his clothes and toothbrush. You then need to sort out money issues like any debts you may have had and joint accounts etc. After removing all traces of your boyfriend from your house, you both need to agree to not have any communication for a least a month.

This will be hard especially if you are used to seeing him every day, but after a boyfriend break up you will need the space. It hurts a lot when a relationship comes to an end, but it isn't the end of your life. Sometimes it can be a good thing because you are now free to find your true soul mate.

Jumping straight into another relationship may not be the answer either, as in your heart you want you're ex back, if that's something that you truly want by all means take the opportunity to do so.

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Nothing is worse than breaking up with someone only to realize you have no life without them. Just because they used to be the apple of your eye, doesn't mean you have to starve for fun and excitement. And letting them know what you've been up to since they've been gone will impress on them that you can make it just fine on your own!

Conquering a Fear
Everyone is afraid of something. You know better than anyone does what you're afraid of - and chances are your ex knows a few of those too. Pick one and conquer it. Afraid of heights - try skydiving. Afraid of eating white condiments - make ranch your new favorite dip. Anything to show you are moving on it a big way.

Planning to Move Someplace Exotic
Of course, you don't have to actually follow through - but who says you can't! Choose an exotic destination that either you or your ex has been to (and loved), or always wanted to go. Then, simply tell them that you are planning your move.

Getting out of Debt
Seriously - may sound a bit dry, but it is impressive. Anyone who has been able to escape this economy without racking up a pocket full of debt deserves applaud. Let your ex know that you are two shakes of a lambs tail away from being completely debt free.

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Learning a Foreign Language
This could tie into your exotic location move or not, but speaking more than one language is always something that turns heads and receives nods of approval. Be sure to let your ex know that you are expanding your horizons and learning how to speak a new in tongues.

Volunteering - Anywhere!
There is something strange about volunteer work - it scarcely matters where you do it, but that you do it at all. Tell your ex you're volunteering (anywhere), and they will surely be impressed with your show of charity.

Writing a Book
Always a noble venture! Telling your ex that you are finally finishing writing that book that you've always wanted to will not only impress them, but raise their eyebrow to what other sensitive talents you may possess that they've been previously unaware of. If you really want to make an impression, tell them it's a love story, based on all your previous relationships!

Exuberate Confidence
Regardless exactly what you tell them, do it with confidence - let it flow out of you like water. There is little more impressive than someone with a solid sense of confidence (not over-confidence), as it commands respect, and signifies an air of dignity.

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Sometimes you have to try something more than once before you know how much you really like it. And when it comes to relationships, sometimes once they've been tried, there comes the time when you realize you weren't finished the first time. Here are some helpful hints to get your ex back for another round.

Vamp-up Your Wardrobe
Nothing draws attention like a well dressed man or woman. Whether or not you like shopping, slipping into some new threads will turn some heads, and show your ex that not only do you look good, but have the means and savvy to sport it.

Hit the Gym
Diet and exercise, exercise and diet - we've heard it all before, and it may be boring, but then so is being alone all your life. If you want to get your ex back hit the gym (or at least work out at home). You'll feel better, you'll look better, and your ex will think better of you.

Ignore Them
Everyone dislikes being ignored. If you really want to get your ex back into your life, try excluding them in everything you do. It will at the very least agitate them to action!

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Wine and Dine
Ignoring your ex won't work forever, especially if they confront you for it. Just casually deny the allegations of ignorance, and invite them out to their favorite restaurant. And don't forget the wine.

Custom Coffee Mug
There are many places you can go to have one printed - or make one up yourself. But giving them a customized coffee mug that states boldly how you want them back is a physical representation of your desire, and a physical reminder of your presence. And everyone needs a coffee mug.

Record a YouTube Video
Serenade them, dance for them, or just look deeply into the camera's eye and tell them how you feel. Then put it on YouTube, and have them watch it. Nothing says love like public humiliation.

Sometimes the best way to go about getting what you want is just to come right out and ask for it. Try it, the worst that can happen is you'll get a "no", in which case, see above hints for more suggestions!

This can be really hard but unless you make the effort to ask them...You will always be stuck in this zone of confusion where you won't know really what to do and will only feel more and more painful with the passage of each day.

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Break ups can be hard, and can leave you wondering what went wrong and why. If you find yourself thinking what your ex is doing, and whether or not they are thinking about you, don't worry. You're not alone. Chances are they are already thinking the same thing about you.

An Hour
It can happen within the hour. Sometimes, it happens most during this time! Missing someone immediately after you break up with them is common and natural, and even if you're glad they're gone, you still will miss them in some capacity.

A Day
Even if your ex does manage to get through the first hour of life without you without missing you, by the end of the first day, the pangs of absence will start to pop up. They may die in a fire before they'll admit it, but they are missing you after the first day, for sure.

A Week
After the first week, and a roller coaster of emotions that plague any break up, your ex will be starting to calm down enough to really feel solid in your absence - solidly missing you, that is. Your lack of company will be set (especially after the first weekend alone), and they will be probably going over things in their head the whole while.

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A Month
By the one month mark, depending on the length of time together and how bitter the break up was, your ex will start to do some serious self exploration - determine what went wrong, how it could have ended, or what they loved/hated about you and your relationship. The "missing you" may take second seat to reflections and sense making from the whole ordeal.

A Year
After a year, your ex will probably miss you more fondly than before. The memories left will be of the good times, and especially if there hasn't been any (or very little) contact, they will be left focusing on all things positive of you, and they may actually start pine for you and your good, familiar company.

A Decade
Yes, even after being with someone for a few months, it is still possible to miss them after a decade has gone by. People are unique, and interpersonal relationships pluck out the particularities of people, making that interaction just as unique. Your ex will miss you after a decade - maybe even enough to follow up and see how you are doing!

A Lifetime
We are all here to love one another. That's hardly arguable. After a lifetime, reflections of past relationships, their meaning, and their ability to have shaped entire lives become apparent. Your ex will definitely think of you in their woven tapestry of life, and you will be missed, even if it's only as a nostalgic memory.

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