Many women deal with the plight that they can't have a baby, and that is a common thing in modern society. Inability to conceive could be due to numerous factors, among which endometriosis should be observed.

There are several symptoms that may occur when suffering from endometriosis, including dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, painful sexual intercourse and so on. Common clinical manifestations of endometriosis are pelvic pain and infertility.

Females should ask about the symptoms related to bowel and bladder since endometriosis may affect these areas. When it comes to diagnosis of the disease, the lesion can be identified by laparoscopy. The occurrence of lesion is usually manifested as red, white, transparent or black cauterized tissue.

Many woman who suffer from endometriosis have difficulties in getting pregnant, but there are usually several treatment methods for them, according to the seriousness of the disease.

Medication can often help decrease inflammation, pain and discomfort. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill
can be a wise option for female friends to help improve endometriosis. It has a great anti-inflammatory effect and can effectively eliminate pain and improve menstrual period for women.

In fact, surgical treatment is more typical for patients with endometriosis. But if you are afraid of physical surgery and the risks related to it, you can also try IVF.

When you are ready for IVF, the screening and inspection process of test-tube baby needs about half a month. Both men and women will be screened by physicians who assess the probability of being pregnant depending on their physical conditions.

With the assist of IVF, women with endometriosis are more likely to be a mother. With the development of advanced technologies, IVF has become a relatively safe and helpful method for female friends.

Some tips for you if you choose IVF.

1.Choose a qualified third-grade A hospital. You should know that a standardized hospital is indispensable. Don’t seek some informal hospital and receive relatively cheap treatment. Saving money may let you lose the chance to get pregnant.

2.Actively cooperate with the doctor for egg retrieval and other steps. You should follow the doctor’s advice and don’t do something unhealthy during your treatment, such as taking drugs blindly or having unclean sexual intercourse.

3.You should have a good rest after the surgery. Pay attention to your daily diet and don’t drink alcohol or eat spicy food. And you should emphasize your personal hygiene. You should also have an optimistic attitude and be confident in yourself, since IVF can not be 100% successful.

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