(Authors Note) This article was first posted on my site in 2015. I was recently updating it and recognized some interesting considerations).

Anyone with an ounce of social awareness knows the name and recognizes the face of Oprah Winfrey. Her prodigious media, financial, social and philanthropic accomplishments are legend in her own time. This gifted and accomplished woman has been a social icon and fixture for several decades, although her social profile has lessened in recent years.

Most of us know her from her day time television talk show that she hosted successfully for so many years. Her array of topics covered, and variety of guests was a hallmark of her profession. She even presented numerologists.

Since she has been open to the subject and sharing of herself, I would like to reflect some additional insights about her numbers, especially for this coming year 2015.
Here is her chart:

Oprah Winfrey

Integrated Self Number= 7
Soul Number = 2(11)
Personality Number = 5
Life Number = 4(22)

Oprah’s four major numbers are 2,4,5 and 7. This suggests a strong mental overview to her personality, and we know she has demonstrated intelligence, savvy, street smarts and bursts of wisdom and intuitive revelations. The combination suggests the likelihood of drugs or alcohol affecting her early years. Looking at the sub numbers and karmic chart, there are many 9’s along with the 3’s.

These suggest the likelihood of sexual issues in early childhood. You may say, duh, since she has openly discussed and revealed some of her experiences with abuse and being in a drug culture with her audiences. However, I was aware of these possibilities years before her revelation. The presence of so many 9’s also suggest a tendency toward over idealization and becoming emotionally misled, despite the wisdom suggested in her overall matrix.

There is deep unconscious and karmic distrust of the male energy indicated with this combination. As she recognizes male deception within and around her, she will be able to release a deep karmic fear and become more confident with her own masculine assertiveness.

Taking into consideration some of the basic information from the natal chart above, a look at her progressed chart for 2015 reveals a particularly significant year of consciousness and considerations for her. Her belief system will be severely tested at this time, and her trust in human nature will also undergo highlighted challenges. A reappraisal of her relationship with men will most likely occur at this time. At the same time she will come closer to realigning with her own inner divine male energy and archeytpe.

It will be a time of deep spiritual reexamination, discovery of inner truth and recognition of an expanded life purpose. Oprah has been recognized for her non institutional spirituality. This can be a time of vision and revealing of an entirely new truth that comes from a higher level of her charismatic self.

Important clues for understanding the unconscious and spiritual development lie in particular around the time she was two years of age, and the information that she understood regarding the relationship of her natural parents. Much of the survival persona that she developed is rooted around that time.

Another key to this year comes from around 1977-78 when she formed the essential makings of a successful strategy in her relationship with mammon. A reexamination of decisions and accommodations made then become central to important internal decisions at this time. She will have an opportunity to identify misplaced idealism and duplicity occurring around her.

An open and honest adjustment of this perception can lead her into a renewed spiritual implementation of greater truth related to society and her place in shaping human consciousness. It is very likely she will experience the birth of an expanded inner faith unlike anything she has gone through before. This will reshape her philosophy and actions toward both the cosmos and mankind.

(Update 2018) Oprah will come face to face with issues of power in 2018 that will have a lot to do with her future plans. There are combinations here similar to many who enter public service, and there have been hints that she will run for president in 2020. She circulates among those who have wealth and power, and now faces the test of does she serve mammon or the highest good for humanity.

Stirring and/or startling events in her life during 2019 will most likely directly impact that aspect in her life, and may well increase the likelihood of her becoming more public again. And, events of that year will largely influence what kind of a candidate and leader she would be.

(Authors Aside) I was doing her update and George Noory’s on the same day (see his at Numerology Rising/Celebrities). There are quite extraordinary similarities in their progressed charts from this period until 2020. Wouldn’t it be a kick if they were to end up presidential and vice presidential candidates! Or, perhaps run against each other!

Watch out for the time travel presidential candidate!

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Lynn Buess MA,EdS has affectionately been referred to as the grandfather of modern American numerology. Or, sometimes more quaintly as “old man numbers”. With over 50 years of study and practice: he has written more than a dozen books, spent over a dozen years of international travel in over a dozen countries teaching and conducting personal sessions.

His list of creative contributions to the field continues to grow with each passing cycle of his professional journey. He has for decades been ahead of the pack with his insight and foresight.

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