When many couples are preparing for pregnancy, they find that they have worked hard for a long time and have not been pregnant. They will worry about whether they will have some diseases. They will go to the hospital to check the body and find that the disease may cause fertility. Many men will find themselves suffering from prostatitis when they are examined, and they will worry about the impact of prostatitis on fertility.

Will prostatitis affect your fertility?

Prostatitis can affect your life. Because sperm components contain prostatic fluid, it will affect sperm vitality and liquefaction time if there is prostatitis. Moreover, prostatitis is often associated with asthenospermia, so there is a certain relationship between prostatitis and fertility.

The semen liquefying factor secreted by prostatitis patients' prostate will gradually decrease, which will make the sperm unable to liquefy, thus becoming a jelly state, which will lead to the decrease of sperm vitality. Moreover, if patients suffer from the disease caused by infection, then the semen may contain leukocytes, microorganisms, inflammatory factors, etc. It may damage the sperm, making the patient table weak sperm, abnormal sperm, and so on will further lead to the occurrence of infertility.

So suffering from prostatitis will affect fertility. But, people do not need to worry too much about prostatitis, as timely treatment will not cause problems. Antibiotic treatment is the first choice for general bacterial prostatitis. The detection of pathogenic pathogens in prostatic fluid culture is the basis for the selection of antimicrobial therapy. Quinolones such as ofloxacin or levofloxacin are the first choice.

For chronic prostatitis, a herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill produced by Dr. Lee Xiaoping is a fine option. It adheres to the characteristics of the holistic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and it can eliminate not only the symptoms but also cure the condition of its root causes. Its effect is working on the whole tissue system.

Prostatitis must be treated in time. If you drag it for a long time, it will cause these two symptoms.

1. Asthenospermia

If the sperm is dragged for a long time, it will keep its vitality in a low state for a long time, and the sperm may also appear in a jelly state. At the same time, if the body is caused by infection, there may be bacterial damage to the semen, making the patient appear weak sperm, which may increase the probability of infertility, so it must be treated promptly.

2. Sexual dysfunction

If prostatitis is not treated for a long time, there may cause sexual dysfunction, which will seriously affect men's fertility. Therefore, people must treat it in time.
The above are two kinds of symptoms that will appear if the prostatitis is not treated for a long time. The lack of timely treatment will cause the above two signs, so we must treat the disease in time.

When treating prostatitis, we mainly use the following two ways.

1. Medical treatments

At present, the doctors usually treats prostatitis by drug treatment. This way of treating prostatitis is not very thorough, because there are drug varieties for prostatitis, so we need to cooperate with other ways to carry out the comprehensive treatment.

2. Biological conditioning

Biological conditioning is to take medicine to supplement trace elements zinc, selenium, and protein, to enhance the bactericidal and antibacterial ability of the prostate and promote the improvement of prostatitis symptoms. At the same time, the intake of zinc can help improve the vitality and quality of sperm, enhance fertility, and persist in conditioning for about two months can cure prostatitis.

Most prostatitis patients can be cured after timely treatment. Besides, patients also need to adjust their lifestyle: do not stay up late and sit for a long tome, avoid spicy food adn drinking. Exercise properly, such as swimming.

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