In response to my last post I received many email replies.To those who took the time to write to me, thanks for your interest. Most of the replies were to thank me for the advice, for being brutally honest. However there was one email in particular from a woman which caught my attention.
It went like this;

"Great post Carl. I don't agree with everything your have written in your last post but 90% of it is spot on.
But hey, what about us women? With reference to your last post, (colours and what they really reveal about a woman) if a woman was looking for Mr Right how can she recognize a winner from a loser?

Good question. Ninety nine per cent of the time it's the man doing the chasing therefore the previous article was aimed towards the single man. However there are the bold 1% of women who have the courage to approach a man that they fancy. It's rare but it does happen. For example I was in a bookstore one Saturday afternoon deeply engrossed in a book I was considering buying when a woman approached me.

"Excuse me, have you read this book?" She asked pointing to the title in her hand.
"No I haven't"
"It's about blah blah blah blah. I'm thinking about buying it. Would you consider buying such a book?"
"Eh, no, not really."

She walked away. I went back to browsing my book. Then I stopped. I asked myself

"Why would this Lady, a stranger, ask me such a question about a book I had no interest in whatsoever?
Oh I get it!"

She realized that I have an interest in books. She also has an interest in books. She therefore tried to make casual conversation with me and I messed up. Nice one Carl. Notice she was on the right track- common interests are the best methods to get people together.

OK. Using the woman's own words, how can she recognise a winner from a loser?

He will be tall or short, stout or slim. You will not recognize a winner from his build.

His style of clothing would most likely be casual, modern. No designer labels for him. He does not dress to impress because he feels he does not need to.
He will be a non smoker. Now I can Hear you saying, Michael Douglas is a smoker and a multimillionaire. Yes I agree. And he's lucky to be alive. No, the winner may drink only on occasion if ever. He will not be addicted to drink. He will for certain not be a smoker because he values his health and wishes to remain in good health for as long as possible.

It's funny that. You would think a woman who is interested in having children, i.e. most women, would be concerned about the quality of health of their future offspring.
That she therefore would take great care in choosing a man who has no smoking or drinking problems. Not so. She falls for the 'flash Harry', the ‘bad man‘, the 'big mouth'. But hey, it's her life.

The winner won't brag or boast. He will not be part of any group or society. Much of the time he’s on his own. This does not mean that he is lonely, though there are times when he would like some company. Most of the time he is busy planning his future goals. His goals are the most important activity in his life. He is goal driven.

He will drive an economical car, HIS CHOICE OF CAR, not what the advertisers are telling him he must buy. Or he may not drive at all. He may prefer to cycle if he's passionate about being of good health. Or he may even use a taxi service everywhere he wants to go. And why not? He can afford it. .

So you see this type of man would be hard to spot, hard to recognize in a crowd. He's low profile and thus part of the crowd so you may never spot him. In soul Mates I gave you some clues of some of the places where you may find him.

The winner values education. Real education, not the College Kind, hence you may find him in book shops or the local Library.If you shop late in the evening for food you may spot him as he does not like shopping when everyone else is.Hang on, look there's one right now going in a shopping store. Are you the type of person who would can grab his attention? He knows what he wants in his choice of woman. How are you going to get his attention? What are you going to say?This man values his time so you better be quick, or he'll be gone.

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Carl Jeremy a simple taxi driver,was single and wanted to find the woman of his dreams.
After many failed relationships he decided that the best way to achieve his dream was to find men and women who were married or in long term relationships and listen to what they had to say.

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