To discover the secrets of how will power works, we must study the functions of the mind. Our brain can cope quite easily with complex, multi dimensional concepts because it functions holistically. Though we usually think linearly, that is, one thought leads to another, and to another sequentially, we can also broaden our awareness to embrace multi level, multi aspect ideas at the same time.

The possibilities you can achieve with your mind are endless and limited only by your imagination. So it is wise to have some idea of mind physics, of how the mind works. Once you understand how anything works you can use it to its maximum functionality, as with a computer program, a mechanical toy or even a Sudoku puzzle. Follow the rules and governing laws, and you will gain control and mastery.

Studies of the mind and reality embrace metaphysics, quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, consciousness, universal laws and reality creation and manifestation, to name a few. We can only skim the surface here, as we focus on one aspect of your mind: the power of your will and its functions.

The universe is made up of conscious, living and intelligent energy that, for the sake of simplicity, we will call Source Energy, outside of which, nothing exists. Source Energy controls and has the overriding power over all creation. We too are creators and influence the reality we live in with the power of our mind, which shares the same essence as the universal Mind, Source Energy.

The ruling faculty of mind is the will; it is your ruling power of reality creation and the central key to all mental phenomena. Your will is your power to create and move thought energy into form. Hence that familiar term: will-power. Will-power comes directly from the essence of your being. Your will is your primary faculty of choice; you choose a future reality and will it into manifestation.

You create thought forms, and with your will you analyze, change and compare thoughts, compute their consequences and then act on your decision. Will is your primary creative power to manifest what you want. Will has the power to form, to cause, to manifest into your experience, both non-physical experience and physical reality.

Resistance compels you to develop your will-power. Practice overcoming resistance, eg, will yourself to get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off rather than turn over for a few more minutes. Each time you exercise will-power you grow your power to create, manipulate and form energy into your desired outcomes. Develop your will through self discipline and you gain great power over yourself and your experience of life.

What energizes our creative ability? The greatest force in the universe: love; and love is the very nature of Infinite Essence, or, as we have seen, Source Energy. So love energizes your creator power. The more Love and Wisdom that you are, the more is your ability to express your Supreme Creator Essence. The more Love energy you have for creation, the more your power to will and will to create. Will and power express your creator Essence.

In a magnificent symphony of an interactive play of energies, you are a powerful creator and you use your will to set the creative force in motion. You are both the creator and experiencer of your creations.

So think expansively. Dream without setting limits. Love with a heart as big as the universe. Strengthen your will through self discipline and self control, focus on what you desire and BE the magnificent creator you are.

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