The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine on April 29 was a much celebrated event in London this year. The two were in a relationship from past eight long years and have stood the test of time getting to know each other better like all other couples in a normal relationship. Since their engagement in October this year, a large number of books have already been published to tell their romantic stories. Though you will find many books already been published and some in the process on the life’s story of Kate and Prince William but there are a few worth a read.

The most famous book written on the couple is William and Kate The Love Story: The marriage of the century. The book is written by royal journalist Robert Jobson is a complete account of Insider on the latest scoop and the events that led to their big day. This book will acquaint the readers with William and Kate’s first encounter at the University of Scotland. The book is full of photographs on the couple, interesting anecdotes and analysis on their relationship.

Another book WILLIAM AND KATE: A ROYAL LOVE STORY is a factual hardcover publication that tells their fairytale love story. Written by James Clench, the book covers 150 never seen before photographs of the couple.

New York Times Bestselling author Christopher Andersen who is also a writer of multiple royal biographies tells us the complete story of William and Kate’s life and courtship in the book WILLIAM AND KATE: A ROYAL LOVE STORY. The biography takes the readers from William and Kate’s first meeting to their royal engagement. The couple’s luxurious vacations to drinking at nightclubs and attending royal functions are only one part of William and Kate’s life together. In addition to all the normal relationship stresses, Kate and William have to deal with royal obligations and the ever present paparazzi.

In a series of more than 200 outstanding pictures brought together here for the first time, the leading photographer Robin Nunn examines the intertwined lives of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the book WILLIAM AND KATE Celebrating a Royal Romance. The book offers a comprehensive, insightful look at what might be a defining relationship that helps secure the British monarchy for the next generation.

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