I have a Will. I have a Trust. What else could I possibly need?

Ancillary to Wills and Trusts are other documents such as a Power of Attorney, Advanced Health Care Directive, Specific Power of Attorney or Conveyance Deeds. While other companies may offer these services to you at attractive prices, their fees do not compare to the service you get with the advice and counsel of an attorney at your side and in your state. We make it a priority to hear you out and give you legal advice that is tailored to suit both you and your family.

Executors and Administrators

Coping with the death of a loved one, managing the affairs of a loved one’s estate, and dealing with difficult family situations can be hard to do alone. Our goal is to give you the support you need by providing you sound legal advice in those tender moments. At these times it can be a struggle to balance your emotions and be successful at setting realistic goals to accomplish the tasks ahead. This is where we surge against our competitors. Our clients become family. With professionalism, expertise, and empathy we provide legal representation that is not only strategic but we are able to communicate with you and counsel you right where you are.

Probate Court Court Actions / Litigation:

Adult Guardianship Petitions, Minor Guardianship Petitions, Petitions to Probate a Will in Solemn Form, Petitions for Letters of Administration and Caveats are all court actions that we handle. If you have been served with a petition or are considering filing an action, contact us for more information or to discuss our services.

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