One of the most important things you can do when talking to a woman you like is give her plenty of heart melting eye contact. This will ensure she will feel your interest and it may also light a spark in her that you may otherwise not do without the eye contact.

Eye contact is a basic animal instinct. If you hold eye contact without moving then you are creating an electric emotional state that is very similar to fear. Of course fear is not what you are going for here but I did say similar!

When you hold you gaze with someone you are interested in you produce chemicals in their body that kick starts the sensation of being in love. This means that you may be able to get a woman to fall in love with you just by staring her down, or at least the initial feeling of love.

You have to throw away any shyness or fear of what she will think when using the technique though; otherwise, you may be prone to looking at her forehead or nose which will not have the same effect as staring deeply into her eyes. Pretend as though you are looking straight through her eyes to the sockets and you will be focusing on the right part to create this chemical reaction.

While you chat you can look away to think but keep the eye contact to a minimum of 75% of the conversation. This will give you the maximum benefit out of your effort.

The larger your pupils are the sexier she will find them. This is actually a proven fact. In one study men and women were both shown two different pictures of the opposite sex. One contained the person with normal pupils and one contained the person with slightly larger pupils. The larger pupils had a much larger response from both sexes.

But how do you get your pupils to become larger?

Well you can’t control your pupils on command. Yelling at them or willing them to get larger will not work. And opening your eyes larger just makes you look weird, and it also doesn’t work.

One trick is to focus on something that naturally makes your pupils wider and then look back at her eyes. For instance, attractive or emotional images will make your pupils larger. If you see a picture of a naked woman they become larger instantly. While you may not have a picture handy, or want to look at one while engaging with a woman you like, you can focus on HER attractive and exciting qualities.

Look at her lips once in a while if they excite you, or check out her hair that you can picture pulling in the bedroom. Anything that gets you excited will enlarge your pupils enough to create that excitement in her.

You can also head into a dimly light room as this will force your pupils to grow. This may be a reason why we find candlelight dinners so romantic!

You can also focus on an object that is far away. Your pupils will automatically adjust and grow bigger to view the distant object.

Never take eye contact for granted when trying to attract a woman. It is one of the most important aspects of attraction. And now you know that the larger your pupils are the better.

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