The whole concept of digitization has changed and is still changing the way we surf, understand and get discovered to things, trends, information and knowledge. With the trending differences, what comes handy is the convenience. The way people search has changed too and has increasingly added to the voice search because of its convenience and user friendliness. This assists the user and doesn't mandatorily imply in knowing the exact language and hence gains confidence and credibility.

People prefer using voice search on their phones, tablets, or voice assistants over the regular search ideas.
Reports suggest that 60% of the projects are done on mobile phones and many of them include voice search too.

Voice search:
Voice search is more conversational and natural in tone and hence is more often performed on mobile phones rather than other gadgets. Because of their conversational nature, they are longer than textual formats in the process of searching.

Voice search is more relevant to delivering the projects or stations on the go, that is searched by the user to drive information about the location. An example would be, voice searching for a “digital marketing agency in Bangalore”, here, searching for the city specifically makes the information more credible.
Here are some of the steps that can be followed, optimize your website for voice search.

1) Create Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page: FAQs are crisp and direct and hence add up to the information. Creating your FAQ page can help in better understanding and clarifying doubts of the customers. Because it is crisp and to the point, it attracts the right customers to the game. FAQs give the right answers to the right questions and it lessens the efforts that go on contacting the company personally to enquire about small doubts. If you search for SEO company in Bangalore, it would show you exactly that, nothing more, nothing less and that's the best way to communicate, educate and inform.

2) Targeting Question Keywords: Voice search queries are questions too, for a majority of times. What, where, how, why? Keeping the little details while curating content helps in building the optimization better. While curating content for the website, checkout on ways how people use voice search. A majority of times, it does start with a question. What are some good bakeries around me? Where can I find a good SEO company in Bangalore? How would a digital marketing company in Bangalore help me better with my online business? If you target simpler questions for the answers, the exact words rank every time someone is asking a similar question and hence, you win. It can also target detailed questions like would a digital marketing agency in Bangalore to help my local business in Mumbai? Ensure your answer to all questions related to it.

3) Long-tail words: Do not underestimate the idea of long-tail words while creating content for voice search. This elevates the optimization and definitely helps in the ranking.

4) Be more informative than usual: The voice search assistant is primarily giving all the information about you online, right? It is advisable to keep the maximum information that's
available because you don't know the question. Voice searches are too specific and hence it’s important to keep the information available for the ranking. For example: Do you own a digital marketing agency in Bangalore? Specify. Do you sell local designer pieces in your boutique?
Inform the audience. Do you have an SEO company in Bangalore? Educate the audience. Talk about your timings, working days and related things. Things that might seem like minute details or unimportant information that might get unnoticed are actually the ones that add to a big room in the digital game.

5) Re-Imagine and Re-structure the content: Digital world changes with time, and what worked five years ago might not work today. A good way to master the art of voice search is by rephrasing the content. What might work in textual formats, might not work in voice search? Website content is usually informative, valuable and crisp, however, voice searches are like having a conversation. They require the need to understand the format of explanation and hence, big words, language might not work for them. Rather, simple language and explanations always have the best of it. However, as much as important it is to keep the language simple, it shouldn't be misguided as casual language. Grammatical errors, usage of short forms or chatting words are a big no. One very important aspect that gets considered in the ranking is grammar and language and in no way is it supposed to be ignored!

6) Mobile > Other websites: Mobiles play an extremely important role in the voice search game and hence, it’s important to prioritize the same.
An out of the world mobile experience is everything that the user is looking for.

For doing this, ensure a user-friendly website. A website that’s mobile responsive and easy to use for everyone. Adding too many complicated options might disgust the customers. The website should be properly navigable. It shouldn't get disturbed in between the experience as that immediately results in going back to the home page. It should be navigable to endure visibility and exposure to the website.
While it might seem difficult, it’s a very important aspect for your business to rank in voice search too. Most people surf through mobile phones and voice searches have made it easy for all kinds of audience. Today, huge masses in both Urban and rural space own mobile phones and not every day would know how to type, and that's where voice assistance comes in the play.

It’s significant for the business to go through various prospects of voice assistance and take help from professionals. Search for a digital marketing agency in Bangalore and you can get information on various digital marketing companies in Bangalore.
Ranking on Google not only helps in the business online but also increases the credibility of the business because of the reach.
With every year, the marketing trends are changing and surprisingly, voice search is on the rise, and soon it will be everywhere. Consumer behaviour is changing, and marketers are supposed to be ready for all that happens and changes.

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