Window cleaners are many in types and brands, cheap or expensive and even home-made. You have so many choices when it comes to window cleaner that you may even get confused about it. However, this is not all about this cleaning solution. As well as its kinds and brands, it has also many appliances on different products. You can successfully use a window cleaner on glass, jewelry, laptops and countertops. You will be amazed to learn that many surfaces can be treated with window cleaner, instead of numerous special cleaning detergents. Save money and clean smart.

Here, in this article I will show you how to apply the window cleaning solution on various items and get stunning results. Just follow the steps below and reveal the secrets of the efficient and smart cleaning.


At first, the window cleaners were made to clean glass, as it is the main material for windows. But many professionals of window cleaning in London state that it can be used for many other items. Almost any glass surface can be cleaned with this cleaning solution, such as TV screens, mirrors, chandeliers, drinking glasses and so on. Window cleaners are easy to use sprays that can be wiped immediately after treatment. Mostly paper towels or dry cloths are used.


Use the spray window cleaner on all kind of jewelry. Just spray directly on the neckless or ring and let it stay for a several seconds. You can then carefully brush and wipe it with a toothbrush. Make sure to dry the item in dry papers or towel afterwards. The pros in window cleaning from London reminds that there are exceptions. Don't try to clean porous stones with window cleaners or you risk to make them lose their colour. Examples of such stones are the opal or pearl.


Yes, you read right. The laptop screen can be successfully cleaned with the help of a window cleaning solution. However, don't spray the window cleaner directly on the screen, but apply it on a towel first. As you probably know the laptop screens are not made from glass. So proceed carefully and clean any dust or dirt on your laptop.


As efficient for window, the cleaning solution can be used on countertops even for drink spills or food leftovers. Spray gently and wipe up with a dry clean cloth or rag. Just make sure to use good window cleaner that is not using hard chemicals. Consult the experts of window cleaning from London for such a brand of window cleaner.

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Pol Bishop is an author who tries to help the community by searching and presenting various tips, information and facts from the cleaning industry. His main interests are in pest control, the art of carpet cleaning and, of course, secret techniques that any pro of window cleaning from London can reveal.