One of the most dependable Operating System available to users since decades till now is Windows and the credit goes to its smart features, powerful security, flexible usability and improved memory.  In addition, interactive interface of the OS made it a choice of home users to a corporate professional.  Nevertheless, instead of all advancement with every new edition, troubles are encountered while working with Windows. Some of the reasons that lead to data loss issues in Windows include damage to the file system, malfunctioning of software, boot sector corruption etc.  As a result, the computer system becomes unbootable that causes data inaccessibility. For data recovery Windows OS, help from potential Windows data recovery software can be acquired that helps to fix the inconsistencies, making the system bootable with no damage to data.

A General Windows Problem: Windows XP users while starting up the system encounter common error messages mentioned below:
"Missing Operating System"
"Operating system not found."
To restore Windows data, users take help of Recovery Console but encounter another message that states:
"Setup did not find any hard drives installed on your computer"

What Is The Root Cause of the Problem!

If any trouble is faced by the user, there must be certain reasons responsible for it.  For the above mentioned error messages, probable reasons could be:

  • BIOS is unable to discover the primary hard drive due to improper configuration of BIOS
  • Partition is unmarked as inactive or hard drive is corrupt
  • Possibility is Master Boot Record is corrupt

Under such circumstances, need to recover Windows file arises that is possible via recent and healthy backup plan available. But in backup absence, data recovery Windows can be executed by following below mentioned guidance:

  • Examine if BIOS is configured correctly or not
  • Make sure BIOS is able to detect the hard disk 
  • Corrupt MBR can be repaired by running “fixmbr” command

If still the problem persists, then the solution left is to format the hard drive. Obviously, the data stored in the system will get lost and to restore it, you will need Windows Data Recovery tool. The advantage of opting for a prominent data recovery Windows solution is you can retrieve lost images, videos, documents, emails, database and other type of data effectively.

Recommended Windows Partition Recovery Software: You can trust upon Windows File Recovery software that is an expertise solution for data recovery Windows.  The software recovers FAT/NTFS partition and ensures recovery of huge sized database after formatting, permanent deletion or file system corruption.

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