How to choose the right wine storage design for your collection? Well, if you love wine and have built your collection, you may need to designate a space to store them. This is called a wine cellar and it can be a great way to store and flaunt your collection at the same time. It ensures that your wine bottles stay in a good condition for a longer period. But for that, you need to choose the right cellar design for your wines. And we will discuss that further in the following article.

First, understand when you need a cellar for your wines!!

Most people think that having a wine cellar is a must if you have a collection in your place. Well, it is not a reason to invest in in-house cellars. You must look for a cellar design if you dealing with the following:

1. Having more wine bottles than you can keep in your refrigerator or wine cooler.

2. Having fluctuating temperatures in your place that can spoil your wine more quickly.

3. Not having any option to age your wines for a longer period before opening them.

If you are facing any of the above issues, it is time to invest in a good quality wine cellar.

But how to choose the right wine cellar design?

Choosing the right wine cellar construction design is tricky. You need to consider a few points to find the ideal one. And here are some tips from wine experts that can help you:

1. First, find the right location in your home to store your wine collection. The ideal place to keep wines should be cool and dark with a relatively consistent temperature. Spaces near a window or door should be avoided for wine cellars.

2. Second, measure the designated space for your wine cellar. Make sure that space is large enough to accommodate your wine collection. Consider the number of wine bottles you have to find the perfect size for your cellar. According to experts, you will need about 50 sq. ft. of space for every 1000 wine bottles.

3. Third, check the humidity level and temperature of the location you are choosing for your cellar. According to experts, the ideal humidity level of a cellar should be between 50% to 70%. If the humidity level of the place gets higher than this level it can peel off the labels of your wines and dry out the corks. So, you have to install a humidifier for that. And for temperature, make sure that it remains between 55oF to 65oF all the time.

4. Make sure that the floor of your wine cellar is sloppy. Why? Well, it can drain away the water leaking (if any) from the wine bottles.


5. Last but not least, hire a proficient wine cellar builder to help you get the best cellar design for your collection.


Cannot determine how to find the best wine storage design for your wine bottles? Well, it is not that tough. All you have to do is consider a few points. And we hope this article will help you with that.

Author's Bio: 

Author is a proficient cellar builder. With years of experience, he has helped many people get their ideal wine storage design for their collections. Besides, he has also written many articles and blog posts on similar topics.