Wing Therapy™ with B.B. Berg

A few months ago, being out of work, out of money and feeling lost and without a purpose, I started a prayer campaign to find a job.
I prayed with this in mind: Work that would have 3 factors:*
1. Beauty (that I would love this work)
2. Benefit (that it would reward me financially)
3. Good (that it would help others and create value in this world)
From this prayer I had a sort of epiphany; a guiding light that awakened in me an idea to teach and sell Isis Wings and to call it Wing Therapy™.
I bought one pair to try them out and to see what it was that was calling me to do this.
What I noticed was that when I put them on I felt amazing!
A surge of childlike glee, playfulness and pure joy emerged from my life and I felt young and beautiful again. As I practiced them I also realized what an amazing work-out they were.

At first I could barely dance one song with them. My heart was pumping as hard as if I ran a marathon. This I discovered is due to the fact you keep your arms well above your heart which gives one an unparalleled cardiovascular workout and a weight lifting regime for arms and shoulders.
(Depending of course on the type and weight of poles you have in them)
I started out with the lightest poles and have now worked up to much heavier ones.

More importantly I discovered my inner child again.
When we play and have fun it stimulates our intuition and creativity. It also awakens our unconditional love for this inner child which transforms our thought process to one of discovery, awe and calm.
It is said that a child laughs approximately 400 times a day as opposed to an adult at about 17 times a day.
We all know that laughter boosts the immune system, de-stresses our lives, increases oxygen flow and so much more.
What is Wing therapy then?
Wing Therapy ™ is all about revealing our Joy and Bliss, Bringing out our Inner Child and Truly Loving Ourselves!
We all know that when we play and have fun we are in alignment with our true nature, our source and our purity.
Something genuine occurs inside of our beings when we put on these wings and play. When we do this we feel wonderful!
It is also Great exercise Workout for Abs, Waist, Arms, Grace and Posture.
Increases Joy and Self Esteem.
I have some testimonials from some of the women in class that demonstrate the power of this "Therapy" to go back to that childhood playfulness. They report to me they feel absolutely beautiful and my 2 handicapped dancers are getting better and better physically as well as emotionally.
Testimony from Carolina Lopez:
Had so much fun last night!!! Even with my handicap I was able to do this, and my legs got some feelings afterwards. Thank you, love you bunches :-)

For more info on Wing Therapy™ please see my videos on youtube:
Or ck out my blog site for Wing Therapy
Wing Therapy is "Taking Off" here in Las Vegas! And I hope all around the world.
Love and laughter
B.B. Berg
*Beauty, benefit and social good- Founding President Tsunesaburo Makiguchi

Author's Bio: 

I am a professional singer,dancer, songwriter, poet and healer (teacher) and have studied S.G.I. Buddhism for the past 28 years.
My mantra is "Nam myo ho renge kyo." I have traveled to Japan to study this Buddhism and practiced with S.G.I. members from all over the world.
I know through my studies the effect sound and music has on our systems and how wonderfully healing it is. I am also a visual artist and make healing videos set to my music.
Affirmations, dream boards, healing, poetry and changing behavioral pattern videos are available on you tube.
My newest endeavor is Wing Therapy ™
Which can be further explained in my blog

What the critics say about B.B. Berg:
“Diving in and out of controlled alto, her burlesque enthusiasm would change to sultry introspection on a single note…Someone not to miss! Low-down, Smokey blues with a determined gutsy delivery.” Critic: Kitty Culnane - Show Business News, N.Y.C.
“Explosive singer B.B. Berg croons a throaty rendition of happy birthday for the anniversary celebration of the renowned music school Taller de Musics of Barcelona.”Critic: Karles Torra- La Vanguardia, Barcelona, Spain
“B.B. Berg is one of the most upbeat and uplifting Cabaret performers I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. The self proclaimed Queen of self esteem has her own brand of Feel-Good music, a peculiar blend of sugar and steel intended to force a smile out of the most dour of faces.”Critic: Michael Bryant Reiner-New York Casting News
“B.B. Berg is a singer who could only happen now-tough and vulnerable, serious and funny, sensuous and strong. She leaves her audience happier and better people than they were when they came in.” Acclaimed author and founder of Ms. Magazine -Gloria Steinem

Author: Gloria Steinem wrote about B.B. Berg
"B.B. Berg is a singer who could only happen now-tough and vulnerable, serious and funny, sensuous and strong. She leaves her audience happier and better people than they were when they came in."