Winners give up Easy!

Don’t they? Have you ever looked at the income percentages of the U.S. population? If you make $100,000.00, you’re in the upper 4% of the population. Do 96% of us not aspire to, or dream about making good money? What If I told you about the upper 1%...Wow! What are these people doing that you’re NOT doing?

I ask myself, “How can these statistics possibly be true, when every day I have the opportunity to make millions online if I just pay $39.99?” I can turn $20,000.00 a month if I just subscribe to this “Marketing Expert’s” proven strategy and follow his simple system. This is perfect, I can sit at my computer and reshuffle Craigslist ads and make $1750.00 a day!! It’s easy….it’s soooo easy!!

Easy doesn’t work. The upper 4% gave up on easy a long time ago. Today, the divorce rate is securely over 50% for first marriages. It’s well above that for serial practitioners. Marriage isn’t easy. Divorce, that’s easy.

Successful people in life and in business continuously decide to take on things that are not easy. Want to stand out? Look around you and find the hard things that people are unwilling to do; things that people are complaining about doing, and decide to take those things on. It will take determination, and it will cause frustration. But once you choose to seek, and relish, the challenging opportunities, you’ll not only stand tall, but be rewarded in ways you can’t even imagine.

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Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur. James J. Maioho is COO of and highly sought mentor, coach and strategist. Each of us can become the best possible versions of ourselves.