Throughout my life, I have read inspirational books, listened to motivational CDs and attended many personal development seminars. If not for the encouragement, as well as the treasure trove of power-tips and techniques these materials provided, I would probably still be asking myself what a purposeful life would look like, and how I can have one.

I'm far from being an expert in any of these areas; rather, I come from the perspective of a student who has done the work, taken the notes and attended the classes. It is through this journey that I've discovered ways to improve my life, and it is my hope that my experiences will help others to do the same.

Living a life with a sense of urgency is critical to having success. If you don't start on your goals now, they may never happen. If you don't put together a plan that leads to success now, how can you achieve it? You have to start living NOW!

The word "now" is as old-and young-as we are. Earliest languages used only present tense. The past was gone, so it wasn't possible to live there, and the future had not yet happened; therefore, it was still non-existent.

Only later did we add two more tenses to our language, giving us two more lifestyle choices. We could live in the now, creating our reality day by day and moment by moment; live in the past by holding onto it and pretending it still existed; or live for a time that has not yet happened, pretending that "things will be better."

Although many of our inspired teachers continue to remind us that there is only the now, that doesn't mean that everyone is ready and willing to accept this notion. Denial can be so much more comfortable! A nagging or nostalgic past and fairytale future often keeps us enthralled for the major part of our lives.

In order to be a winner in life, it's important to consider the reality of now but also to find a game plan that acknowledges lessons from the past. This knowledge will encourage you to create your own future-step by step, moment by moment.

Have you ever considered the fact that you cannot win unless you lose? Or: let's talk about the polarities of light and dark or hot and cold. Would we ever know what light looks like unless we've experienced darkness; or what cold feels like unless we feel as if we're burning up inside, and dripping with perspiration?

Life is all about contrasts. It's important to remove the competition factor from "winning" and demonstrate the value of embracing both winning and losing as the foundation for acknowledging self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth.

Once we learn how to love and appreciate ourselves, we can appreciate all that life has to offer. At that point, we're ready to choose how we want to feel, think, behave and act. We turn the key in the ignition and rev up the motor.

Are you ready to start creating a winning life now?

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Michelle Prince, Author of "Winning in Life Now...How to Break Through to a Happier You!", and top life coach, is passionate about helping others to become more of who God created them to be. Michelle uses her unique experiences and down to earth style to give a refreshing look at how to achieve true success in life. Get ready for a breakthrough to find more happiness, develop the confidence to become all you were born to be, and live a life filled with purpose! To receive Michelle's Personal Performance Newsletter visit