Lottery is a big attraction for millions of people in countries where it is legal and available. For some people, lottery is merely an entertainment game while for others it is a business. Looking at the history of mankind, gambling has always been a part of human living. People often play the lottery with a hope of winning even though they know their odds of winning are really low.

The fact that only one in millions of players can win the game doesn’t dampen their spirit. People want to play the game while hoping to win something and therefore, they eagerly wait for a weekly draw or for the jumbo lotteries. Everyone playing the game wishes that their number will be drawn against all the odds. Winning a lottery is not only about the luck rather one needs to look for right strategy, implement their knowledge and use the right tool to increase their chances of winning it. The experts recommend some of the best strategies from their experience to help select the number with a higher probability of winning.

There are certain strategies that help one to calculate the pattern and sequence being followed by the game. Knowing the pattern provides the player with an opportunity to subdivide the number as the hot number and cold number. The hot number has higher than the average rate whereas the cold numbers have lower than the average quota. Especially in case of New Jersey Lottery Pick 4 which is immensely popular among the players. They provide the player with the list of recent winning number which allows one to find out whether they have won the lottery or not. Moreover, the player can also analyze the numbers and increase their chances of getting the jackpot.

1. Having some record of past drawn number provides one with a chance to crack the sequence and pattern which is being followed by the game.

2. The player must note down the list of numbers which were drawn in the past games and should look for the pattern with the highest probability. The experts’ advice one to practice this technique while taking regular follows up.

3. One can take the guidance from some books or can use mathematical tools to formulate the calculation and get the accurate set of number to be withdrawn.

Perhaps there are number of software and programs available in the market that helps an individual to manage the database of the past drawn numbers and give a statistical analysis along with the probability comparison of the number. They often display the data while providing one with a detailed analysis in the form of graphs and charts.

The hot numbers are being highlighted by the tool while the statistic includes even-odd, sequence, most drawn, pairs and other moves to complete the process of deciding the probability. Using such tools along with applying the best set of logic can increase the chances of getting a favorable result. With some thorough research about the past withdraw one can implement some simple mathematical calculation that makes the result more accurate.

Next time you play this tempting game, apply some fundamental logic along with the use of winning lottery number calculator.

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