After the excitement of getting engaged, you may be worrying about the looming price tag of your dream wedding. Dream weddings do not come cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Many of the so-called “dream” venues charge extortionate prices for you to spend a day in their company.
One popular choice for many newly engaged couples is to enter competitions to win a wedding.

By winning a wedding, you do not need to worry about the price tag of your special day. Winning a wedding usually means that you win around about £10,000 worth of vouchers to various outlets related to your wedding.

You'll probably win the venue which will include a bedroom overnight, perhaps bedrooms for a couple of the guests, all of your catering and food for the day, arrival drinks, canapés and the use of the room for the ceremony.

A wedding package has a lot of other things thrown in it as well. Some of the wedding prices include laser teeth whitening and free hair trials. This is all part of what makes the day of the wedding so special to many brides.

Some of the wedding packages also include transportation on the day. Hiring vintage cars and limousines for wedding transportation can be very expensive to say the least. A lot of people find that they are unable to afford the transportation costs because their budget has gone elsewhere on the wedding. However, by winning a wedding you able to get all of the transportation you need in the wedding package itself.

The wedding package will also probably include vouchers towards the dress. Your dream wedding dress may be over the price of the vouchers, but the vouchers will definitely help in paying for the majority of the dress. Many lucky brides who win a wedding are able to achieve the dream day that they really want and have been dreaming of since they were a child simply by lifting the barrier and constant burden of prices and affordability.

It is not just brides who count themselves lucky from wedding competitions. It is the grooms as well who are extremely grateful to have such competitions around that means they do not have to dig into their pockets quite as much as they thought they would have to! By winning a wedding, you can use your much valuable savings to pay for an extra special honeymoon.

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