Heading out in the winter for an RV adventure is a great way to get out of the house, take in new sceneries and explore all the beauty that winter has to offer. At SmartPlug, we are all about enjoying your RV safely. We have designed shore power delivery systems to be the safest, most secure, systems available on the market today.

With winter here, we thought it would be a perfect time to highlight one of our best-selling shore power systems – the SmartPlug Combo Kit.

The SmartPlug Combo Kit includes a SmartPlug Inlet and Connector and offers superior performance and ease of use. Available in 16 Amp, 32 Amp, 30 Amp, 50 Amp, we have a kit that will work for your camper.

Advantages to using the SmartPlug Combo kit include:

Eliminates Overheating – Increased pin and clip surface area greatly improves electrical conductivity during high amperage demand.

Easy to Use – No twist required, the unique plug body shape and push-in design mean it only goes in the right way every time-even in the dark!

Multi-Point Locking System – Side clips lock the plug securely into the inlet which eliminates any stress on the pins from movement of the power cord.

Triple Weatherproof Seals – Multi-fin silicone gaskets installed in the inlet cover and interior of the plug body eliminate moisture penetration.

Simple Installation – Inlet mounting flange holes match twist-type holes for an installation that is typically finished in 30 minutes.

Our 7 Year Warranty is the longest in the business.

Before you head out on your winter adventure, equip your RV with SmartPlug. Travel with peace of mind and enjoy where the road takes you!

If you have questions or would like more information on our RV product line, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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Smart Plug Systems is a privately held manufacturing firm specializing in power delivery systems. It was founded in 2007 and is located in Seattle, WA. Its flagship product, the SmartPlug, is a patented device positioned to replace the current power delivery system for RV’s, Boats, and a variety of specialty vehicles and miscellaneous industrial applications.