Welcome to the new world! We finally made it to 12/21/12, and it feels really good, doesn’t it?

Below, I’ve added a message channeled from the Keepers about what it’s important for you, the Indigo Light community to know about the Shift and the new energies.

I’ll recap it here briefly in case you have trouble with the audio player:

  • The new energies available will help humanity to connect our hearts, not only to other humans (that’s been more available for a while, especially since last June’s Venus Transit) but now to other elements of the natural world: animals, plants, minerals below the Earth’s surface, and the atmosphere. Because they are all alive. This will enable us to slow and eventually stop global environmental degradation
  • Starting today, the fearful energies will start to feel painful, and the loving energies will start to feel delicious! Judgment, for example, will start to hurt. This isn’t a punishment; it’s simply a means to help us stay in alignment. Conversely, the loving energies will start to feel great in our bodies. As the energies increase over time, things like Gratitude will start to feel like orgasm! Big smile on my face as I was channeling ecstatic gratitude
  • Finally, there was a message of congratulations from the Record Keepers. The feeling here was overwhelming–I had tears of joy running down my face as I channeled this message today. There was a sense of pride, as a parent would be proud of his or her child for having accomplished something huge
  • The Keepers noted that everyone who has helped to bring more Light into the world over the past few years deserves to pat him or herself on the back today, for a job well done

I would also like to extend my congratulations to you, dear one, for your efforts in making the world a better place and for helping to tip the scales in favor of Love. You didn’t do it alone, but you were instrumental. And the entire Universe is proud of you for it. I hope you’re smiling right now, because you should be!

Lots of Love + Indigo Light and best wishes for the New Year 2013,

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Elizabeth Locey works with people who are called to change the world for the better business owners and creative who want to play a whole lot bigger and use Soul-Power to do it. For More information, please visit: www.elizabethlocey.com