Weddings can be held not only in the spring or summer, winter weddings can also be interesting. It will be very romantic to have a winter wedding if it is planned well. The winter wedding will definitely be your memorable event of your whole life. And every winter you will remember your winter wedding. In this article we will talk about winter wedding theme ideas.

Winter Beauty
White color is the main color all around as the snow is falling day by day. We can design the wedding all in white, from wedding flowers to wedding invitations. On the wedding you can use velvet and silk to add richness. Ice decoration is also another feast to the eyes. Guests can enjoy themselves in the snow or look the ice sculptures. If there is no snow on your big day, you can use cotton instead to have the effect of snowflakes. As long as you can afford it, you can also use crystal to make snowflakes. In the light all these will shine lovely.

Royal Wedding
Light blue, green, dark blue, gold, red and other colors work well with all white background set. In the white world any other outstanding color will definitely be more outstanding and special. Wedding theme can be designed as royal as these vibrant colors. Using these colors to decorate wedding and you may have the same color you choose in reception. And the wedding invitations and even flowers can use the same color or colors that cooperate with the main color. It’s a big surprise to your guests.

Winter Flowers
Most people think that flowers are more in spring and summer than in winter. But in winter there are carnations, winter jasmine, chrysanthemums, holly berry, lilies, orchids, and pansies. Theses flowers are really beautiful and can be used on weddings. They also have good meanings and bless you. Once you choose the wedding flowers you can make your wedding cake with these flower shapes. On the tables the flower you pick can also be used. What’s more you can print that flower on your wedding invitations.

When winter comes, will Christmas and New Year be far away? Then it comes the holidays in winter. Both Christmas and New Year are excellent wedding themes in winter. As most people will go out for a short holiday if you arrange you destination wedding on holidays it cannot be better. Christmas is a holiday for families and friends to get together, also a good time to celebrate big events. You can put a big Christmas tree in the hall of your wedding or the church. Put some stocks under the big Christmas tree your guests can put in some gifts in the stocks and the parents can put gifts for their kids. How wonderful it is.

Fairy Tale
Every girl has a dream of being a beautiful princess getting married with her Prince Charming just like Snow White, and be happily ever after. In winter you can light up your princess dream very easy. For example, Cinderella’s story is a good choice. The bride comes to the wedding on a pumpkin shape wagon and walk to the dancing pool. Then the groom comes to invite the bride to dance. Or you can be Rapunzel on the wedding. Just make the wedding dominant color gold and blue is OK. You can get some inspiration from the movies or cartoons.

If you really want a winter wedding, think about what are special in winter and get some ideas from the movie. Or your story began in winter. All are nice.

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