When one buys a property, one needs to protect it. Building a wall around it will give you good protection but it will cost a lot and take much time. For this reason, most of the property owners will put up a fence around the property. This is a safe and cheap alternative and it does not take much time to put up a fence.

Wire mesh fence

The easiest one is the wire mesh fence. This wire mesh is a fence made by intertwining wire strands. We classify the wire mesh according to the spaces present in these wire meshes. Wire strands are twined over the nearby strand by passing it under the other wire strand. Or, one may have two to three turns of one wire strand over another. For thick wires, one intertwining is the norm. If the thickness is lesser, then you will see more twinings. You can check the website of the Wire Mesh Manufacturer in India and see the various designs present.

Used to make chicken coops

The thinner wire meshes are usually made to house chicken and other farm animals. This is an economical design that is easy to install. We need to plant poles all around the property or area where you want to keep the animals. You have to use concrete to make sure that the fence stays secure in all kinds of weather. Then, we use clamps to hang the fence from the pole supports. Anyone can do this without any help.

Higher security wire fencing

Other popular options for wire fencing include chain link fence, concertina wire fence, barbed wire, and razor wire fencing. Each has its advantages but they are all easy to install and light. So, you need not work long as you would to build a concrete wall. Also, a concrete wall does not allow us to keep sight of everything on the other side as one could when there is a fence.

Use of hexagonal wire fencing

Another secure option for those that want fencing is the hexagonal wire fencing. Again, you can check the website of the Hexagonal Wire Mesh Manufacturer for the exact details of wire thickness and wire spacing. This wire netting is made by twisting wire. This may be carbon steel wire, hot dipped galvanized steel wire, or PVC coated wire. This is used to make pet enclosures and cages for animals. It gives good ventilation and enough protection.

Enclosure for animals

It can be used for many other purposes also. For instance, young trees need protection from grazing animals. We can give them a hexagonal wire mesh enclosure that will allow the light to reach and prevent animals from eating it. When making splinter proof glass, we need a resilient material that will take up tension. This wire meshing is incorporated into the material so that it keeps the glass from splintering.

Another use for hexagonal wire mesh is as reinforcement during concreting. This serves to take up light tensile forces when casting thin slabs. We use it for reinforcing road surfaces by providing a layer of mesh that preserves the road surface. Many people use this for fencing their garden.

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