Wireless headphones are the next big thing in the market, helping people experience a better control of music. These headphones are specially designed and rid themselves of the cords which usually get tangled unnecessarily or get stuck to your clothes or backpack.

Wireless headphones give you an amazing experience of listening to quality music without actually giving the feeling of wearing one. These headphones enable you to enhance your music experience and here are a few tips as to how:

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1. Active Bluetooth pairing

The quality of Bluetooth technology for wireless sharing of information including pictures, videos, music, movies and files between different computers and also between mobile phones has improved tremendously over the years, particularly with an improvement in the quality of sound. Most high end phones like Iphone 7 lack an audio jack, stressing more on the development of Bluetooth devices.

It acts as a replacement for various cables on phones which usually tend to get tangled or misplaced. Wireless headphones have advanced Bluetooth technology which pairs with all other Bluetooth supporting devices like sound systems, computers, laptops, televisions, mobile phones and car stereo systems.


Most headphones are usually attractive, having cords which come in various shades of colors. However, imagine if you had to untangle them each time you had to use it. People are often busy in life and it would simply waste their time to untangle the cords, and sometimes while in a hurry, we might give it a pull which will tangle the cords and make them come apart. The result could be endless trips to the repair shops and that’s if you still have a gadget in the first place.
Since wireless headphones are cordless, it would avoid unnecessary tangles usually seen in the traditional ones, thus enabling the user to have an amazing experience without worrying about the cords getting stuck somewhere or being interrupted during a good workout .

2. Good Battery Backup

Imagine you decide to go on a holiday which involves a long journey and decide to take a car, a flight or a train for the destined place. It is obvious for you to feel tired in the course of the journey but music can soothe your mind, refresh you and enable you to keep going. For this reason, you need a wireless headphone for an uninterrupted music experience, which could relieve you of stress. Since wireless headphones use Bluetooth devices, they could connect to practically anything.

They usually provide a battery backup of a minimum of 20 hrs depending on the brand which is sufficient enough to listen to about 500 songs. For instance, Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM-headphones provide a minimum of 20 hrs of battery backup.

3. Active Noise Cancellation Mode

Wireless headphones come with a coveted feature known as the noise cancellation mode. Imagine you were commuting by an overcrowded bus or train and you are listening to music using your headphones. If you are dealing with the traditional headphones, you will hear the noise occurring outside along with the music in your headphones.

However, wireless headphones have a noise cancellation mode which enables you to clear out the noise in the surrounding and focus on the ongoing music in your ears. It will cancel out the noisy environment around you and enhance the quality of music .Sony's MDR-1000X has an active adjustable noise cancellation feature which efficiently handles noise at low frequencies .These headphones are trending in the market and are capable of instilling silence and enhance music quality.

4. Sound Quality

The active noise cancellation feature particularly in wireless headphones helps to improve the quality of sound. It has a number of microphones for the purpose of blocking the noise created outside. Some have built in microphones to help improve the quality of the music and block ambient noise when we answer phone calls.

Traditional wired headphones usually lack the noise cancellation mode, thus inhibiting us from listening to music without being interfered with by the happenings of the environment that would otherwise deteriorate the quality of sound. Since wireless headphones have a huge market of high end players, they provide top notch sound quality, thanks to features like partial hearing and semi partial hearing or total isolation. They provide a good bass as compared to the wired ones who seem to be completely overdriven by it.


No doubt that wireless headphones are a safe bet as they are far for comfortable to wear than their wired counterparts providing uninterrupted flow of quality music.

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