Input device like the mouse and keyboard have been the leading input device for computers for decades since it was invented. They play a vital role in harnessing the power of the computer so to speak.

In this article, a mouse buying guide is helpful for newbies and also for the advance users. If you already own a Bluetooth enabled laptop or computer, then your Bluetooth mouse will work straightaway even without the installation of Bluetooth dongle. It is connecter souris bluetooth à l'ordinateur and operates through a sensor, the main advantage of this is that you have less wires and cables to deal with. A bluetooth mouse review is also recommended as a reference for buying mouse products. Well, the mouse has only a few functions yet essential to the tasks it's going to handle. A left and right button and a scroll wheel are the most common controls in a typical mouse. High -end mice feature extra buttons that can be customized on its use or function. Breakthroughs in technology made the mouse more user friendly. Optical and laser technology is the most used type of mouse.

A relatively new design takes you to the world of wireless. Wireless mice are the highest tech input device to date. This wire is free of wire and ease of use. They have the same functions with the USB mice only its wireless. They are battery powered. When buying one, you can choose your handheld computer mouse either by the rechargeable type or the replaceable battery type. Docking station is provided on the rechargeable models.

A receiver is connected to a free USB port that will receive the signal from the wireless mouse. There are three types namely the Bluetooth, radio frequency and infrared wireless mice. The first two types are the highly recommended. Bluetooth is recommended when Bluetooth is integrated in the computer or laptop. A separate USB Bluetooth dongle can be purchased separately when using a Bluetooth mouse if there's no Bluetooth available on the laptop.

Rf frequency works using radio waves as a means of transmitting and receiving signals. The RF mouse works on the 2.4 GHZ frequency. Infrared mice have some limited capabilities in terms of its connectivity. Obstruction to the infrared beam will interfere with the communication between the receiver and transmitter; this will make the mouse unstable or not work at all.

Input device continues to evolve and improved, yet its basic appearance stays, even the computer users a decade or two before will still be familiar with today's mice, but with more comfort and ease of use. Prices for each type differ on its model and design, but at a reasonable price. There is a vast diversity of models and designs to choose from.

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