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The Green Report, Part Two by Susun Weed – April 10th, 2012

Welcome to the second installment of the April green report. The plants are coming so quickly now! So many to encounter, learn about, and play with! I hope you had fun adding flowers to your salad last week. This week your challenge is to make a totally wild salad. There are so many sweet tender young leaves to choose from.

Of course, identifying plants just by their leaves can be a bit tricky. And, as you recall, photos are not that reliable when it comes to differentiating poison look-likes from wild edibles. I have attempted to give you some safe look-alikes in this report, as well as a few poisoners you would do well to avoid.

But the very best way to learn is by smelling and tasting the plants. There are Hands-on Herbs workshops at the Wise Woman Center every month. We hope you can join us for one or more classes where we will pick a wild salad, possibly made nettle soup, certainly prepare herbal remedies, and probably answer your questions too.

DO NOT EAT marsh marigold (Caltha palustris). Just admire the beauty, soon gone, of another spring ephemeral.

Spring into Spring Salad

Combine garlic mustard leaves, wild madder tips, minced wild chives, chopped wild carrot leaves, chickweed, and cronewort shoots. Dress with garlic mustard root vinegar, olive oil, and tamari; toss. Garnish with at least three different wild flowers. Enjoy!

This month, April, we are going to “cut the mustard,” no foolin’! And make a Triple Goddess remedy, too. Stay tuned.

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Susun Weed, Copyright 2012

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