There are many wise ones from the past who have so much to teach us. May we hear their voices in the stillness and the movement of the wind. May we listen to their teachings from books. May we invoke them in our quiet moments and feel their spirit approach us. May we drive comfort and inspiration from them each and everyone. They have walked upon the shores of terra many a lifetime. They have blessed us with knowledge and wisdom that we can apply to our own lives and improve them and become more in touch and attuned to spirit and our own souls. The true "seers" are eternal. Let us learn from them! Their names are many: Walt Whitman. Henry David Thoreau. Rumi. Kahlil Gibran. Teresa de Avila. St. John of the Cross. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Hermann Hesse. Thomas Mann. For some reason I've had a harder time grasping some of William Shakespeare though I love going to the plays. Have seen Hamlet, MacBeth, MIdsummer Night's Dream, Falstaff. Maybe it's that older Elizabethian English or something.

And we can't forget beloved Rilke and Johann Von Goethe. Rilke's Letters To A Young Poet are very provocative and moving. Great Reading. And then there are the beloved ROMANTIC POETS and others who I spend many evenings with as I read their inspiring uplifting, provocative poems: William Wordsworth. E.E. Cumming. William Butler Yeats. John Keats, what a sweet poet who died far too young. He wrote so much more than ODE TO AN URN. And check out JOHN DONNE. Some deep poems there. And Lord Byron and Percy Shelly. Love to have coffee and chat with these great ROMANTIC MINDS who helped shape literary and poetic movements.

And let us NOT FORGET the FRENCH POETS as I did my M.A. and some Ph.D work in French language and literature. Victor Hugo wrote so much. Poems. Plays. Novels, Criticism you name it. He was a very old SOUL and was quite into the PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL DOMAIN as well. He was devastated, and rightfully so, when his beloved daughter LEOPOLDINE and her husband drowned in a boating accident some months after their marriage. This inspired some of his most sorrowful and beautiful poems.

Some say his daughter did come through in some genuine seances he attended. I say who knows. All is possible. The table rapping seances he attended while on exile on Jersey Island contain many so-called provocative seance spirit contacts from many different entities and are compiled in the book CONVERSATIONS WITH ETERNITY-THE FORGOTTEN MASTER PIECE OF VICTOR HUGO. I love this book and it's great reading and helps me to understand the heart and soul of a great writer, poet, dramatist.

Can spirit make contact after death? I say who knows and I am open to that possibility as I've always had a very open mind. I have had some very unusual mysterious experiences of my own which are detailed in SOME OF MY OTHER HUBS. I believe we can touch the soul and reach out to the dearly beloved departed ones. And some of these POETS knew of such other realms and were very much connected.

And there is PAUL VERLAINE and Arthur Rimbaud on which the movie TOTAL ECLIPSE was based. Rimbaud was the poet's poet. The damned. The genius who stopped writing poetry at age 19 and shook PARIS and the poets world forever. He's worth checking out as is VERLAINE who portrayed so much in his poems. The heights...the depths. the erotic. the spiritual...and then some.

AND how we love CHARLES BAUDELAIRE...and LES FLEURS DU MAL. The Flowers of Evil. A very ancient soul who had a way of writing.

The romantic poems of LAMARTINE. The fiery challenging, symbolic language of ALFRED DE VIGNY. THE "MUSE" poems of Alfred de Musset. Very moving descriptive poems. I love them all.

And there is much more to CHATEAUBRIAND than a steak. Francois de Chateaubriand was a brilliant writer. LEVEZ VOUS VITE ORAGES DESIRES QUI VONT EMPORTER RENE DANS LES ESPACES D'UNE AUTRE VIE. Very metaphyiscal and spiritual implications here and I knew then that these POETS were very deep, and tuned into the spiritual/metaphysical realms as I am. I FEEL IN JOYOUS COMPANY every time I read them. They are my soul pals.

I do not NEED TV. I have no digital. No antennas. No cable. Nada. Rien. Nutting. I have some movies, quite a few to be honest, and I have my books and POETS who speak to me through time. MY WISE SEERS FROM THE PAST.

I have probably forgotten many more. And ther are many more WISE SEERS FROM THE PAST . May their wise words continue to touch our souls.

Wise Seers of Yesterday!

I hear your stilled cries.

I feel your presence and sense

that part of you that never dies.

In the quiet when my mind is still

your messages I softly hear.

When I look inside myself I can see

the visions you had when you were here.

Your form has changed, your faculties more keen.

Time sleeps soundly in your land.

Colors are brighter in ethereal hues.

Sparkling water caress snowy white sand.

Please reach out to me, Wise Seers.

Teach me to learn from the past.

One vision from you and my fears are gone.

I see the truths that for eternity will last.

Wise Seers of Yesterday!

Tomorrow, like you I shall be free.

The cries of my heart shall silence soon.

Your love and visions bring peace to me.

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