Running high on spending and low on time in your employee search? Why not try posting jobs at is a professional network that allows you to connect with your contacts, meet more professionals and communicate with experts. Any user can log onto Wisestep with a valid email ID and experience a whole new world of opportunities. But what makes Wisestep a valuable tool for recruiters? Well, Wisestep makes your work a lot more simple, efficient, fast and comfortable.

Recruiter can log into Wisestep from a separate Recruiter ID using their company email address. And once you log in, you can start posting jobs right away. For Free! Jobs posted in Wisestep are published on the website and more than 25 other sites with listings in search engines like Google, Indeed and Simply hired. Sounds simple? Well, it just gets easier.

At Wisestep, you needn't even log on to post new jobs. You can send in your jobs details through email and they are automatically published on the websites. And every time you get an application, you receive an email alert with the attached information.

Wisestep works on a strong social networking platform. All your posted jobs could be viewed by over 100000 members who are already part of the website, Still not enough? Wisestep comes with complete social media integration. That means every time you post a job, you can mail over the details to your email contacts, or share it with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and lots more!

Offer a referral reward. Your friends can now share your job information with their friends who might just be looking for it. Ask your friends and professional contacts to suggest an employee. You can offer them a referral reward after you hire!

Wisestep also provides recruiters with an inventive Applicant Tracking System. Now you no longer need to worry about losing resumes and trudging through endless Excel spreadsheets. Wisestep sends you an email notification every time you get a new applicant. All applicants for the same job are queued together, so that you can view their recruitment status at one go. Use our intuitive resume tracker to view their resumes and cover letters. Online! And create team accounts so that you can collaborate your hiring work with your colleagues.

And what's more! Wisestep also archives your previous resumes and applicant information. Now you no longer have to search your recycle bin or your mailbox for that old resume you need. You can now have a huge talent pool to make future hiring easier!

Recruiters can also make use of the newly launched Career Section on Wisestep. Career pages on websites draw a lot of potential employees and referrers. Make your careers page attractive and updated using the Wisestep Career page designer. Use the designer to make a customized career page that would suit your brand identity. Integrate the code to your website and get yourself new and impressive Career page. And now you needn't wait for the IT guy to update it every time. Every time you post a job on Wisestep, it will be published on your site as well.

So, sounds like a good deal? Well, it can't get much better, and its FREE! Why wait longer? Give Wisestep a try...!

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Shiti is a consultant who has been involved with online marketing and e-commerce activities with a start up Product Development company.