The black magic supplies I will examine fall into 2 categories...Crystals/Stone, and Herbs...

Each stone (regardless of whether it is a gem) has a sequential thickness vibration. This makes specific rocks (gems and stones) strong authorities of Magick energy.

At the point when you are in a circumstance where you are going to purchase stones or gems, it is essential to contact various ones preceding getting them genuinely. It assists with shutting your eyes and truly "feel" the stone - focus on how the stone impacts you, and select the ones that are unique.

Here I list the most regularly utilized stones that will assist you with your Magick work (alongside their Magick properties):

Golden - changes negative energy into positive energy; insurance

Amethyst - boldness, mystic energies, dreams, mending addictions (particularly liquor), harmony, satisfaction, love; opens crown sunstone chakra

Apache's Tear - assurance, karma

Aventurine - cash, karma, mental dexterity, visual keenness, harmony, mending; opens heart chakra

Azurite - mystic energy, dreams, divination (the craft of investigating the future), mending, fixation, change

Bloodstone - fortitude, strength, triumph, abundance, self-assurance, progress in business and lawful undertakings; quits dying; manages the initial four chakras

Carnelian - boldness, sexual energy, verbal expertise, harmony; lightens envy, aloofness, dread, and fury

Chrysocolla - insight, harmony, love, correspondence, imperativeness

Citrine - mystic powers, assurance, imagination, sexual energy; diverts bad dreams

Clear quartz - heightens energy (both positive and negative)

Coral - assurance from evil; settle clashes

Jewel - fortitude strength, mending, security, otherworldliness, mental and sexual capacities

Dolomite - assuages distress

Emerald - success, mental and clairvoyant capacities, dreams, contemplation, visual sharpness, love, harmony, balance; opens the heart chakra

Fluorite - balances and settles connections

Garnet - strength, actual energy, recuperating, security, cleaning, sympathy; opens the root and crown chakras

Geode - ripeness, labor, reflection, opportunity of soul, clairvoyant capacities, dreams, astral travel

Hematite - establishing, quieting, mending, divination, instinct, actual strength; helps serene rest

Herkimer Diamond - upgrades mystic capacities and perceptiveness

Jade-recuperating, assurance, shrewdness, thriving, love, long life, richness, mental fortitude, harmony

Jasper-mending, insurance, wellbeing, magnificence, energy

Fly assurance, hex breaking; disperses dread

Lapis Lazuli - fortitude, euphoria, love, constancy, clairvoyant capacities, security, mending, magnificence, thriving

Lepidolite - harmony, otherworldliness, clairvoyant, strength, karma, assurance, mystic capacities, profound equilibrium; avoids bad dreams

Lodestone - purges precious stones and adjusts their energies, balances the chakras, eliminates hindrances

Malachite - power, energy, assurance, love, harmony, progress in business, vision missions, planting

Marble - insurance, dream review, contemplation

Shooting star - upgrades work with otherworldly and divine creatures

Moonstone - establishing, love, divination, rest, planting, security, youth, amicability, harmony, magick, travel

Obsidian - establishing, divination, insurance; diverts antagonism

Onyx - close to home equilibrium, restraint (particularly in sexual issues), restricting, security (particularly against another person's magick), strength

Opal - excellence, flourishing, karma, power, mystic capacities, visual keenness, close to home equilibrium

Pearl - shows truth, harmony, and tranquility

Peridot - insurance, flourishing, rest, wellbeing, profound equilibrium, instinct

Rose Quartz - love, harmony, satisfaction, recuperating (particularly of the feelings)

Ruby - flourishing, power, fortitude, trustworthiness, satisfaction; avoids bad dreams

Sapphire - mystic capacities, motivation, love, contemplation, harmony, recuperating, power, success, security

Smokey Quartz - recuperating, coordinating and engrossing energy, adjusted states; disintegrates negative energy

Sodalite - mending, reflection, shrewdness, quiet, establishing, stress minimizer
Sunstone - security, energy, wellbeing, enthusiasm, sexuality

Tiger's Eye - fortitude, flourishing, insurance, energy, karma, judgment and presence of mind, genuineness, divination; facilitates despondency

Tourmaline - love, kinship, flourishing, business, harmony, rest, energy, mental fortitude, insurance, motivation; opens the third eye community, or the 6th chakra

Turquoise - fortitude, insurance, thriving, karma, kinship, mending, correspondence, joy, profound equilibrium, astral travel; fortifies all the chakras

Zircon - security (particularly from robbery), magnificence, love, harmony, sexual energy, recuperating, mental readiness, profound equilibrium

Spices likewise offer one of a kind Magick energies of real value while accomplishing spell work. Besides the fact that we Witches use them for spells, yet spices are additionally turning out to be more famous to treat wellbeing afflictions all through the world.

Before truly ingesting spices (under any circumstance), it is essential to talk with a specialist or herbologist who can ensure that nothing you drink or eat will be unsafe.

In your Magick you will typically ground spices into fine powders, or stuff poppets with spices that will deliver the energies you are searching for to achieve the best spell results.

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The black magic supplies I will examine fall into 2 categories...Crystals/Stone, and Herbs...