Perfection, what is it really? Is it a designer dress or a designer bag or a face that is coated with a lot of designer make up? We can all have perfection if we had a pocket full of money that would be easy. Oprah’s phrase “if you have it, fix it” was totally taken out of context. It gives you the impression that if you have the money, fix whatever “society” feels you should look like.

Here’s a prime example. As a woman ages, she will get lines on her face, and her hair might be grey. Should she run out and get Botox for her wrinkles and dye her hair “for society?” If the answer is yes, I think that is pretty sad. This is her life as well as yours. Is the Botox and hair dye going to make her happier or is she happy and confident the way she is? That is the real question. And the part that is scary is as our world becomes more evolved; we are looking for natural ways of doing things. We have had enough of the pills, and the prescriptions, and foreign things put into our system. Is Botox really good for your body?

The reason all this was brought up is because my husband and I were waiting at the doctor’s office and there was a daytime show on the television. There was a well-known guest on the show along with his wife. They had aged some from when they were famous and one of the people sitting in the room just kept trashing them for the way they looked. Sure she had grey hair, but the woman in the waiting room didn’t notice the huge smile on her face. Sure he had long hair. The woman in the waiting room didn’t notice how relaxed he was. You see he showed everyone a scar that he had from open heart surgery. He was so happy to be alive and they were so happy to have each other. They, in my eyes, were perfection.

Sometimes you just have to tune out the world and what the world “expects us to do and what to look like.” You simply have one life and your goal is to live it a happy one. Learn to be patient with each other and stop judging. Everyone has their own story, and the sad part is no one really takes the time to hear it.

I am all for lifting up someone’s self-esteem and part of that process is to have a better “you.” But you really have to do some soul searching and find out the reason you are doing what you’re doing. The first and foremost is for you! Be confident with who you are and what you look like. To me when someone “trashes” another person for what they look like, they are truly not happy with themselves. And that’s pretty sad because they don’t even realize it. Be happy and be true to yourself! If you want to have something done, do it because YOU want it. Don’t try and make other people happy, just be you!

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