Fifty years ago most people found jobs through family and friends, a personal recommendation was enough to secure you a good job and you could begin to climb the corporate ladder. Today however, search and selection for new employees is big business and now a multi-million pound industry. The selection process is often lengthy and covers not just role related skills but all manor of personality tests and physiological examinations. This change has been brought about for a number of reasons and includes everything from employment law to productivity. The UK now competes on a global market and as such many companies can outsource much of their UK based employment leaving behind only a critical presents.

With this increased competition, and the global financial markets continuing to teeter on the brink of disaster gaining worth while employment is now very competitive. As a result many people are looking at ways of gaining an advantage and professional resume writing and covering letter writing services have seen a real rise in demand. Leading the pack is who are a careers consultancy which use industry experts to help clients with their CVs covering letters and with interview training. Adducology derives from Latin, with adduco meaning ‘the art of persuasion’, and ology, being ‘the study of’. So the study of persuasion being the aim they help you present your credentials in an affective and relevant way.

Having spoken some of the leading consultants at Adducology I now feel I have a greater understanding of what I thought was a bit of a black art. There are more often than not spelling mistakes in CVs, although that is not what this service is about. CV writing services are about highlighting the strengths in your application, knowing what to include, and critically what to leave out. It is always hard to write about oneself objectively and a service like this takes that issue away. However, what really makes the difference is that the consultants are from industry. If you are in banking, then they will set you up with a management level banker, if you are in project manager they will set you up with a relevant project manager. I can’t recommend this service enough, for real professional resume writing and true bespoke careers services there is nowhere else to go. I would recommend checking out their website.

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Welcome to Adducology, with our CV writing services boost up your resume and make best impression at the recruiter. As first impression is the last impression therefore, scroll our website at and know more about our other services like covering letter writing services , etc.