What do you do when the kids are finally off at camp? Clean the house? See friends? Take naps? That may be all well and good in the short term, but what if you could do something with the kids at camp that would help take care of yourself throughout the whole year? We know now that diet and exercise are essential to maintaining a healthy weight and reducing stress. It can be hard to get started, but with the kids away and the right personal trainer – you could change your entire year.

Make wellness your choice for life
Wellness doesn't happen and for as much as genetics do direct what you will look like you can make a choice to make wellness center to your life that will deliver the body and health you want. The biggest mistake people make is they wait until the depths of winter and holiday fat to try and do anything. Don't wait and make a decision based on not liking yourself, make the decision to practice wellness from a place of loving yourself. Summer should be fun and there is no reason getting started with a personal trainer can't be as well.

Summer should be fun
Take a look through the Personal Trainer Bronx listings and you will notice that many of them offer outdoor sessions, or have seasonal outdoor sports. Just because you are working with a trainer doesn't mean you have to be trapped indoors at a gym. Get out and enjoy the weather while making some changes in your life. As the days pass you will feel fitter and better. Talk to your trainer about adding indoor work too, so it is easier to transition into the winter and holiday seasons.

The decisions you make now will carry your through the holidays
The decisions you make during the summer will be what determines how your winter and holiday season will be like. By all means take advantage of working outside while the weather is good, but also take a look at Bronx Pilates classes and studios. You may want to pick a personal trainer that can transition indoors with you too. That way you are entering the winter and holiday seasons with good habits which can help control stress and weight gain too. Look through the personal trainer listings and find the one that you could see yourself growing with all year, indoor and out. Call them and make your first appointment so you enjoy summer just as much as your kids do.

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